Grab a cuppa, tell a story or listen to one.

Everyone loves stories. Everyone has a story to tell.



Love in our everyday life

Love is innocent…
In the month long celebration of LOVE, this is a response to our prompt “Love is” by a 2 year old. The strokes, the colors, the scribbles are all unadulterated. It is drawn without any inhibitions. It tells us to take a moment and smell the roses, love every little detail of life. 

Love in the everyday walk of life. Love is …
  1. A perfectly steeped morning cuppa.(Darjeeling tea or a cup of good old back coffee) 
  2. The real tweets from outside the window in the quietness of the morning. 
  3. The warm pat of sunshine on the back. 
  4. A few smiles and hugs in the course of the day. 
  5. The times when someone asks about YOU before they do about your work.  
  6. The smell of fresh linen. The crispness of the fabric and the neatness of its folds.
  7. The sight of blooming flowers in the garden. 
  8. The aroma of a home cooked meal or favorite baked good in the oven. 
  9. A book that intrigues and transform into a world of solitude. 
  10. Music that makes you want to break into a little dance. 
  11. Love notes – in the lunch kit, on the desk, hidden inside the wallet. 
  12. A priceless artwork that is full of scribbles. 
  13. A text that says “When are you getting back home ?” 
  14. Knowing someone is always watching your back. Even when you thought you were alone. 
  15. A look across a crowded room and finding a familiar smile. 
  16. A sinful dessert at night(NY cheesecake, yum!) or a drink with your friend or someone special. 
  17. Meeting a friend over a cuppa. Add some sugar, a donut would be wonderful. 
  18. A little palm enclosed within your own.
  19. A little walk with the person who taught you how to walk. Reading a book to someone who once introduced the alphabets to you. 
  20. A skip in your step knowing you have been pampered. 

Love is a feeling, knowing all of this is a great blessing in life. Having all of it is not important. Even some of it is enough to be counted as a blessing. 

#celebrateloveeveryday #chatoveracuppa 

Little Boys !

Little boys are infamous for being naughty and mischievous. But there is more to them than what meets the eye. Here is a light Sunday read for you. The world through the eyes of little boys. Their story in their own words. Fun. Innovative. Adventurous.Simple. Not naughty or mischievous at all. 
1. Nothing
   “What is your favorite thing to do over the weekends ?” 
   (After a long pause) “Nothing. Just Nothing.” 

2. Air Pump

    “What do you like the best about your bike rides ?”
    “Using the air pump.” 


Photo Credit : Avinash Sarin

3. Upside Down 

    “What is that one thing you wish you could do all the time ? ”
     “See the world UPSIDE down. ”

4. Masks

   “What did you try to make on your masks ? What are your pretending to be ? ”
    Voice 1 : “Super Heroes.”
    Voice 2 : “That is the best we can draw a super hero.”
     “You definitely look like Super Heroes.”


  “You hiked three and half miles today. Awesome ! So you love hiking ? ”
   “Nope. I just came here for my buddy. ”



Continuing with our childhood memory series, Soumi Haldar shares her childhood favorite today. If she had her way, she would have done away just with the picture. We are glad we could get her to write a few lines too.
Parle-G is extremely dear to me. It has been that way since my childhood. I still cannot do without my daily dose of Parle-G. I eat Parle-G for breakfast with my cup of tea and then sometimes as a snack and sometime just to pep me up. That is my daily routine and my source of everlasting energy for all the running around that I do the entire day. If you grew up in India like me, you know all about Parle-G. It is one of the oldest brands of biscuits(cookies) in India, still the most sold and very popular. There is nothing extraordinary about these biscuits yet I have met very few who have not liked its taste.
The design on the packing has not changed probably since the inception of this brand. The kid that you see in the picture has also always been there.
In the era, that I grew up there were not too many choices of junk food for children as there are today. Whatever little was available was not allowed at my home. Parle-G though a bit high on glucose was considered healthy (comparatively) and was allowed. And thus grew my love for it. Simple pleasures of life.
This is the part of my childhood memory which has remain unchanged and unadulterated in taste, shape or form. My two young children now are fond of it too. Might sound clichéd but it makes me feel good to share a part of childhood with my own children, a part of my childhood that still remains the same.

Summer Vacation

We begin our favorite childhood memory series today. Ausmita Kaviraj contributes to the first post talking about her favorite childhood memory of spending her summer vacations at her grandparent’s house. Read on…
Most of my “growing-up” years, we moved around so much that by the time I finished schooling, I had studied in five different schools. But between donning a new uniform every few years and getting accustomed to new friends and a new place, a never-changing constant were the two weeks of summer vacation spent in the house with red cement floor and long open verandahs situated in the bustling river side town some 50kms away from Kolkata(India) where my grandparents lived; and where my grandmother still lives. 
Come summer and all my aunts and uncles with kids in tow, would descend there for the ritualistic family get-together and for a few days the house would overflow with people and the ensuing hustle bustle. 
For me, days in the house with the red floor were about playing silly games with cousins and digging up old albums, books and trunks tucked away in dusty long locked rooms, punctuated by sumptuous meals. In the afternoon, when the uncles would retire to the upper floors for an afternoon siesta, my gaggle of aunts would recede to the cool environs of the corner room on the ground floor to gossip, tease and catch-up on a year of happenings. With the sun spewing fire outside, some would take up space on the beds, while others would stretch out on the floor mats. Their hushed voices and muffled laughter would reverberate late into the afternoon. We kids would also pack into that room in an attempt to soak in the cool and almost festive atmosphere, sneaking out occasionally to steal sweets from the refrigerator. Evenings would bring gushes of cool breeze from the river barely 100 meters away as we would skip to the river front with the huge banyan tree to watch boats go by and feast on a plethora of spicy knick-knacks such as jhal moori, chop etc.
Now most of us cousins have finished school and no longer are we privy to those glorious summer vacations. Some work, some are completing their higher studies and others are managing their own households in disparate places but whenever we visit Kolkata (India), we make it a point to go back to the house with the red floor to visit our grandma. Yet, every time I go there, I miss those carefree days of summer when the house came alive with endless chatter and boisterous laughter.

Ausmita Kaviraj is a vivacious and cheerful young professional who truly believes in spreading happiness wherever she goes. As she mentions in the post, she still enjoys all the little moments that make up life.

What books inspire your fire ?

A young boy stands tall to write his list of inspirational books on the wall at the LA Book Fair 2014. Books never cease to amaze us. The infinite number of names of books on the wall stands as a testament of it. #BookFest — in Los Angeles, CA.

Stooping For The Stars

A picture’s worth a thousand words. There is a story about every kid in that picture. Children are dreamers. Help them dream. Help them reach the stars. 

Keep your eyes on the stars,and your feet on the ground. – Theodore Roosevelt

A Daddy’s Dilemma!

Before Valentine’s day my daughter and I had this conversation when I picked her up from school:
Daddy, can I host a party?
Party? Why?
For Valentine’s Day.
What’s there on Valentine’s day?
It’s Valentine’s day.
What about it?
Valentine’s day is about love, and secret admirers.
Secret admirers? What are those?
Just like you secretly admire Katrina Kaif.
I admire her because she is a good actor. And wait a minute, I don’t secretly admire her. I openly admire her.
But daddy, you understand what I am saying.
I get it
We didn’t host the party. But, I was both proud and worried that she keeps a track of my likes and dislikes.

Celebrating with a toast!

Mom we should have bought the plain cookie butter and not the cookie butter cocoa swirl. The cocoa is stealing the thunder from the cookie butter.”

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