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Suchorita Sinha

Mother’s Speak

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies ! For Mother’s Day we asked a few of our storytellers, who are mothers as well, to write something about their experience as Mothers. This is what they had to say.

Count Your Blessing – Piya Mukherjee Kalra

We, mothers, often tend to take motherhood for granted. But motherhood does not come easy to many. A path that I have travelled and known. The emotional roller coaster, the physical turmoil and the social taboos make it a treacherous path to travel.  It is no short of miracles that I am a mother to two beautiful kids today. Yet, I am human and there are times in the day when I forget that journey and wear my Mama mask and yell and scream at them, holler them to pick up after their mess and finish their meals and homework on time. I beg and plead for a little quiet time so that I can do my things, read or scribble a few lines. 

As I write these few lines, there is a garbage truck being made of legos right under my feet and a plethora of human evolution related questions being asked simultaneously. I take in a deep breath and look at the two faces who desperately want me to shut the laptop and build some legos or read a science book instead, I remind myself – Count your blessing!  I try and remind myself of that very often, almost every single day. Mostly after I have thrown a huge drama or had a mommy meltdown moment. 

Motherhood began on Mother’s Day! –Jolly Datta

What is mother’s day? I never knew while growing up. We never celebrated in India. One day dedicated to thank mothers for all they do… Is that enough? I could never justify that. I always thought that no one can ever thank her mother enough. But still couldn’t reason out the need for celebrating mother’s day till I became a mother. And sure enough, it was on mother’s day!

May 9, 2010, Sunday morning, after partying till late night, my water broke at 5 am. I was 35 weeks pregnant. I was not sure at first if I should be happy or afraid. As we were rushing to the hospital, my mind kept flying back to my childhood. It was just yesterday when I was a child. It was time for me to bring another child into this world. The feeling of nurturing my baby inside me for 8 months, feeling her every movement, feeling her every mood was so mesmerizing that every minute of countdown seemed heavy. 

Numbed down to the spine by labor pains, I just wanted to divert my mind to a divine state of a magical beginning of my beautiful child. Listening to the Gayatri mantra and breathing deeply with every contraction I just wanted to feel how she moved her way out to make her presence felt. I was about to bring my baby into this world! The entire universe seemed to be showering it’s blessing on my child, and it’s strength on me to be reborn in the same lifetime. The first cry still echoes in my ears, the first feel on my bosom still send chills over me, the first glance of my angel still reminds me of one thought… “You are beautiful!”

In few moments, my life had a new beginning. It was a journey from a woman to a mother! And mother’s day got new meaning. It was ecstatic, it was enchanting, it was divine, it was spell bounding! Because …Motherhood began on Mother’s Day!


Motherhood is full of surprises – Anisha Mahajan

“Yipee”, cheerfully exclaimed my 10 year old darling daughter jumping from her chair, “Really Mom? You are the best!!”

It was a conversation we were having at our dinner table last evening, while enjoying the spicy desi(Indian) meal. My 14 year old son piped in, in his recently broken heavy voice, “that would be seriously awesome guys!”

I promptly interjected to make sure I don’t over-commit. ” We are not sure yet, but we are trying that you two get to make a visit to India this summer”.

Sometime back, there was only one conversation that would go like this in our house; getting a cat!!

What a contrast from just two years ago! I still remember vividly, sprawled leisurely on our Victorian King bed, the four of us, just lounging before bedtime on a warm summer evening, I had casually mentioned, “let’s go to India for a year or two!”. “What!”, ”Moving again!”, “Don’t even start this Mom!”, “You must be kidding!”, “India! No way” were the responses we got from the kids.

It had just been a year since we returned from our short stint at LA, back to our beautiful Boston home. The kids were starting to get back into their comfort zones (so were we) when suddenly this brilliant adventurous idea struck my mind.
We did go to India, for about two years and have the most beautiful memories to share and kids with drastically changed responses!

The Mothers In My Life –Suchorita Sinha

In motherhood, every moment is special. Here are few that were the cherries on the cake of my experiences with the three mothers in my life:
My Mumma (Mother) – ‘Even now, whenever I am at crossroads , an assurance from her that she agrees with my decision does wonders to my confidence’.
She has always been by my side, no matter what. She never turned her back or left me alone. She has grown with me, learnt ,accepted and supported my sane and insane thoughts and decisions.  I hope to become that rock for my daughter someday.
My other mother, my Mamuni(Mother In Law)  – ‘I have the hot mustard oil with garlic ready, come and sit for a massage’, she would call out to me every morning. 
I will never forget those months after I delivered my daughter, the impossible backaches and tiredness. My MIL diligently tended to me with daily hot oil massages and loads of healthy food, while being an arthritis patient herself. I recovered my strength and was relieved off my pains very soon. Even today, she packs lunches for us to work. Life surely changes after marriage, but in my case we still stay like kids, while she takes care of us.
Moi (Myself) – I became a mother even before I first met my daughter. I used to talk and sing to my baby bump and get responses back. But I never knew that my baby knew me as well until the moment when my hubby brought the howling and wailing baby to meet me for the first time. 
As soon as I cooed ‘Hi baby….’ , the baby went quiet and our eyes locked  , recognition in hers and tears in mine….

New Mexico, The Land Of Enchantments

Why New Mexico? Well,it’s simple. We wanted to go someplace that didn’t easily feature on Expedia’s front page or our friends’ Facebook pictures! We wanted to see some place new…

Enroute to New Mexico 

Continue reading “New Mexico, The Land Of Enchantments”

Instinctively Yours


Photo Credit : Ranodeep Sinha

Our most read post so far in the last 60 days is “A Mother’s Day” that we published on Mother’s Day. Unanimously loved by all. Perhaps because we all know and believe a mother knows it all. A mother’s instinct is seldom wrong, hardly overrated and rarely a fragment of fiction. Most often it is a premonition that does come true. Suchorita Sinha shares a few incident about such maternal instincts from her own life. 
I woke up in the morning to find my baby crabbier than yesterday. This isn’t how she generally is, she is a happy child. She had been running a temperature last evening. Little fingers drew my attention to the 2 boils on the leg. The first thing on my mind – ‘Oh God, please let it just be heat rash and not chicken pox!’ 
The next thing we know, the pediatrician confirms my worst fear, despite the crossed fingers!
Why? Oh why did that have to be my first thought??!! What are the odds of a 9 month old contracting chicken pox?! 
I have seen this happen too many times! My premonitions about her often come true, be it with an unforeseen allergy, an unusual remedy, a sudden move or things like if she would have dimples (before her birth)! My instincts almost never lie. Many a times I am able to prevent accidents, fix issues or just note a funny moment, thanks to that!
I remember an incident from almost a decade ago. Daily home calls were not the norm around then, more like once a week. It had been just a day or two since I had last called home. I had not been feeling well, just a fever but I was waiting to know if it was worse before troubling my parents. However, lying alone on the bed of my paying guest accommodation at Chennai (India) I suddenly thought of my mother. Just then my phone rang. I was so happy to see the ‘Home’ number on it and as soon as I picked it up my mom says ‘ Are you feeling ok? I just felt you are not, so thought of checking.” And she was almost 1800 KMs(Kilometers) away!
What else but a mother’s instinct – hardly ever overrated!
This post has been authored by Suchorita Sinha, one of our regular storytellers. Picture credit goes to her husband, Ranodeep Sinha. 

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