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Smita Ranjan Keron

Living A Pragmatic Dream

Living You Dream – Story #7  : Everyone has a dream. Everyone lives their dream in some or the other way. Everyone also admires a fellow dreamer. While we all admire those that live their dreams, our everyday life is surrounded with confrontations around dreams. Here’s a pragmatic way of looking at living your dreams. 

The Adage does seem like a Mirage, “Mrigtrishna” as I would call it, real life being so different from how we imagine it to be.

There certainly are lots and lots of people who are doing exactly what they want to be, doing at that place and time and are literally living their dream, but I’m very sure somewhere in their minds and hearts there’s something niggling, something else that they covet and thatbecomes their “DREAM “, So even after you have it all, peace eludes. It could be a simple thing like a skinny albeit super pretty top model craving a cheese burger or a teenager wanting to be that top model, a middle class woman craving large diamonds while a very rich woman wanting to adorn flowers.

I go through these phases where  I truly believe that I’m living my Dream. I look back and see how far I’ve come from where I started , and yet again I’d rather not have anything and be walking through shallow rivers in the Himalayas or  perhaps  be doing nothing on a  beach by the Aegean sea . I’m so sure I am living someone’s dream life. I think my house help wants to be me when she gives me tea in the evening, for certain the woman who irons my clothes wants to be me when she sees me all dressed up, driving off to work, My gardener must be wanting to be me,( I certainly want to be him)!!!

I seek simple pleasures, a hug, a laugh, a tear sometime, sound of children squealing with delight, my dog breathing with his head on my feet, my husband reading by my side, a few pretty flowers received as a gift, and yet again sometimes I seek cut throat competition at work, I seek an account full of crazy amounts of money, a sleek car, sharp clothes, sexy shoes, I seek  ten point grades from my sons all the time, I want to be the ultimate overachiever who looks like a million bucks .. I want all of it and MORE!! But then again I go back to the beginning. To what end do I want so much. 

When I’d still be dreaming of that little flower patch to work on, or a balmy beach holiday, I’d still want to come home to hugs from little boys in football clothes and pink sweaty faces and hear tales of that one last goal that they scored, I’d still want to put T shirts on naked urchins I find on the roads, I’d still want to play my favorite music in my rundown car and eat ice-cream in bed and watch old movie reruns, so I guess the scientific temper decides that the balance is all there.   

I really am living my Dream!!

This article has been shared by Smita Ranjan Keron, a woman of many accomplishments, talents and interests, an army wife, and a mother of two.


The Vagabonds

Exams just got over for the little ones and the excitement of  a new class and new books is palpable already. Don’t you remember pulling out your English reader and reading it from cover to cover before any covering and labeling of books began, I did that every single time, every year .. and in the middle of the excitement an inane question from my eight year old caught me off-guard me thinking .. and this is what i want to share with my friends over a cuppa.

He quietly said ..Mamma its been two years here, where are we going now? What language do those people speak(at the new place)? But my friend’s birthday is in august how will I attend that?
This tugged at all my heartstrings, it broke just a little bit,…. but then I am MAMMA.. the panacea for everything that could ever go wrong so I have to put it all into an exiting perspective and put it across to him in a way that is readily acceptable. We are an army family, mobility is our way of life, every two years we move anywhere unexpected thorough out the length and breadth of the country, we leave behind our little worlds, and make new ones from scratch.
 How do I explain to this little child that he may actually not be there for his friends birthday party, but there will surely be other friends that he’ll make and there will still be kiddie birthday parties. And then there is Facebook now and Whats-app  and e-mails, he can forever have his friends, just like I do, he may not grow up with them but he will mature with many, he will still be able to laugh at the little jokes that he shared with his friends and have an unbreakable bond with them. Connectivity is the blessing of his generation and he must make the best use of it.
I guess I’ve got to be there with him through all these transitions, give him the security he so needs and also be his one continuous friend … and that he will still have a new class, new books and maybe a new school and a new place too…and thus…Life goes on …

This story has been shared by Smita Ranjan Keron, an army wife and a mother of two. A heartfelt narration of what her kids endure with the multiple moves that an army life comprises of.

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