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A Promise

A promise to find a home. 

She was part of that home for more than 6 months now but he never spoke to her once or even acknowledged her presence among all. She felt he consciously ignored her, she was almost sure he hated her, But for what? She always wondered.

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Angels And Demons

A Short Story : Jolly Datta 
It was a chilly Friday night. She was alone and scared. Waiting in the corner of the Emergency Room (ER) she was shivering with cold, engulfed in pain and consumed with an unknown fear, the fear of loneliness, the fear of worthlessness and the fear of being unloved. Inflicted by a splitting headache, her migraine was causing hallucinations. She could feel the warm embrace of her mom, kissing her forehead, assuring her that everything would be fine. She could barely keep herself alert.  She saw a gentleman come and sit beside her as she struggled to smile. He could see that she was suffering and needed medical attention but couldn’t break the protocol of “waiting”.

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Notes From India : How About A Raise ?

‘Storyteller … tell us the story about their stay in India’ 

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