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Shish Kabob

"FIE" – A Trip To Boston Tea Party Museum

For our Travel Friday this week, Shish Kabob, one of our young author takes us on a trip to Boston Tea Party and Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and there is re-enactment too. 

340 chests of British East India Company Tea onboard three ships were smashed open with axes and dumped into Boston Harbor on the night of December 16,1773.The damage caused could have brewed an estimated 18,523,000 cups of tea and was worth $1.7 million US dollars (in today’s money). The Boston Team party organized by the Sons Liberty led by Samuel Adams is an iconic event of the American revolution. 

Stories about tea always fascinates us. 

On 16 December, 1773, a group of patriots called  the sons of liberty, in protest against the cruel, unfair taxation on all imported tea, disguised themselves as native Americans and snuck on a British ship full of tea and threw all of it overboard. Here are a few quick facts about the Boston Tea Party –

Today you can take part in the reenactment at the Boston Tea Party Museum. This is from my recent visit to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Mueseum in Boston, Massachussets. 

I sat in the meetinghouse, listening to my good friend Samuel Adams complain about the tyrannical King George putting taxes on all of our tea. It was 1773, and I, Joseph Shed, was getting very frustrated at the mention of the King. He was making us pay a tax on all imported tea to pay the debts of the seven years’ war. As soon as Sam Adams uttered the name King George, I, along with everyone else in the meetinghouse put their hand on their nose and bellowed, “FIE!”

We disguised ourselves as Indians as we prepared for our big plan that night. Then, we quietly snuck onto the British ship carrying the tea, knowing that we could be imprisoned just for standing there on that boat. All of us started to fling the chests of tea into the ocean. We did not spare a single vulnerable, defenseless, poor tea leaf. I stared at the tea that was sinking to the bottom of the sea, then ran off the ship, thinking about how shocked the redcoats were going to be when they stepped on the ship tomorrow!

So if you are in Boston, a must do in Boston is the Tea Party Museum. 

Story and Pictures by: Shish Kabob – an intrepid adventurer, a cartoonist and an aspiring young author.

The Right Attitude

Shish Kabob needs no introduction. His pen name and the mother’s day poem have made him quite popular among our readers. Last time he told us he was an intrepid adventurer, sports enthusiast, cartoonist and an aspiring young author. 

What he did not tell us was that he plays tennis and is Roger Federer’s greatest fan. He wears t-shirts and has all other accessories with the RF logo, he would not miss a game to watch in person if Federer was playing locally in a nearby city and when he watches on TV his living room has an All England Club (the venue for Wimbledon) sort of feeling to it. Hear his talks about the right attitude and how his favorite player taught him so.

“I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude.” What does this quote mean? Well, I think it means that when you face a decision, you have options, so you get to choose what happens next. But sometimes, your attitude decided it for you. That means, your choices happen differently depending on whether you are being positive and optimistic or negative and pessimistic.

We all have made bad choices in our life, mostly because of our attitude. My soccer team made a bad choice of attitude on Saturday. My team, Sherman Oaks United, was facing the undefeated team, FC United Real. FC United Real had the record for the least goals against them (0), and our team had the record for the most goals against us. It was like a lion facing an ant. 

Before I knew it, the game had started. The first few minutes we did not stop hustling, until they scored a goal. After that, our whole team seemed to stop working. Then more goals pounded on us. Our team became lousy just because of the goals. We made a bad choice of attitude we did not try. We were intimidated by the opponent. At the end of the match, the final score was 13-2 against us. We could have played better if we had tried to our full potential. Attitude is the little thing which would have made a big difference.

Roger Federer shows an example of making good choices with a good attitude. He started the Roger Federer Foundation which helps teach the underprivileged and uneducated children in Africa and Switzerland. Every year, he donates about $2,000,000 to the foundation. He could use the money for his own pleasure, but instead of doing that, he makes a good choice and uses it for a worthy cause.

So, in the end we learn that whatever happens in life depends on your attitude. If you are positive, something good will happen. But if you are negative, something not so good will happen. Attitude is a state of mind. Our life always depends on one thing: attitude.

A Mom Like No Other

A poem by Shish Kabob.  I wrote this for my mom for Mother’s Day. Sorry this does not follow your writing prompts but I thought all the moms and the other young authors are going to like it. By the way, Shish Kabob is my pen name. I am an intrepid adventurer, sports enthusiast, cartoonist and an aspiring young author. 

Flowers And A Poem For Mom 
When I’m left alone on despair,
And there’s no one there to see,
But then I see my mom,
And she’s standing right next to me,
Every time I have a problem,
She’s always there for me,
She will never let me down,
That I can guarantee.

When I need help with homework,
She is always there to help,
She explains with perfect logic,
Then all my problems melt.

Always when I’m hurt,
She will show will show sympathy,
In this mutual relationship,
We are always trustworthy.

My mom is full of kindness,
And responsibilities
She tames me when I’m wild,
And makes my troubles cease.

She is smart and dislikes war,
She’ll always prefer world peace,
Like her, so do I,

We were meant to be.

Pingu – The Soulmate

In response to our writing prompt :We had nothing in common and then…  / They had nothing to say to each other and then…. (where we hinted at writing about a friend, a soulmate, a life partner), here is a surprising response from another young author. We were in awe of the loving relationship between the author and his soulmate – Pingu. 

I have a penguin that I got when I was four years old. I’ve had him for six years now. He has been with me in all the states that I’ve lived in: Illinois, Florida, and California. He accompanies me on all my trips, in the country and abroad. His name is Pingu. I named him after the T.V. show that I used to watch, Pingu. We have a special relationship, the two of us. And here are many reasons why.
I help Pingu. I made a house for him. I collect miniature objects for him, such as chairs, tables, sofas, closets, food, toys, and more. But I never sleep with him. He’s so tiny that he always gets lost in the blanket. That’s why I got him a mini wooden bed, a mini pillow, and a mini blanket. I also had my aunt design some bed linen for him. Last Christmas he got a mini dog as a pet. Once, I got my sister to sew a vest for him. Above Pingu’s house is a whole wall about him, covered in pictures of penguins and the story of how he came into my life! When I used to watch the show Pingu, he would watch it with me. He even has a rocking chair. Sometimes I draw him and his antics. But there are also many ways that he helps me.

At six years old, there’s a lot that Pingu can do. He helps me when I have injuries. When I get hurt, he sits next to me, which cheers me up. That’s how much he comforts me. But Pingu also  helps me have fun. I can toss him in the air, kick him like a soccer ball, and do all sorts of stuff like that with him. He doesn’t mind one bit! That just fits in some parts of his daily exercise. In darkness, his mini Christmas tree lights up the room. That’s how he helps me.

Pingu is a six-year old penguin who has lived with me his whole life. We communicate with each other by special telepathic brainwaves. My family hasn’t implanted the messaging chips yet, so they can’t hear him. We have a special relationship that is thicker than blood. Pingu is the best penguin ever!

Story and Pictures by: Shish Kabob – an intrepid adventurer, a cartoonist and an aspiring young author.

My Summer Job

Photo Credit: Soumi Haldar
Some of us are`already in the last quarter of the summer holidays. Summer for most of us is relaxing, spending hours in the pool, summer camps, travelling, trying new activities and for some, like this 9 year old, getting his first summer job!
I have a summer job at my classmate’s house. They are going to be out of town for a couple of weeks and I am feeding their pets for a week. Every morning I walk to their house, the keys secure in my grasp. I go to the refrigerator and get kale for the “bearded dragon”. In my friend’s room, there is a cage with a purple night light. I see the long sharp nails on the dragon’s claws. I switch on the day lights of the cage and slightly pull the top of the cage so that my hand fits through the opening. I reach inside and drop kale inside the food bowl and also refill the water bowl. Then I close the cage and head over to the kitchen to get food for the cat.
Some days I feed her granules, some days I feed her meat. They both smell horrible 😦 ! I walk out of the back door and find the cat waiting for food. She purrs and follows me as I approach the food bowl. I pour the cat food in the metal bowl. She quickly gobbles it all up. She does some stretches and runs away. I wash my hands and exit through the front door. I lock it, then walk back home. I also get paid big bucks! (Awesome!)

Soccer or Tennis

We have been witnessing some great tournaments recently, the Wimbledon finals and the FIFA finals this Sunday. Both tournaments had a moment of display of great sportsmanship. We watched both the games with a  9 year old sports enthusiast, a tennis and soccer player, an equal Messi and Roger Federer fan. Event with the upsets, this young sport aspirant had great lessons to learn from both games.
Wimbledon is the oldest tournament in history and took place recently. Also, the FIFA World Cup just got over. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest soccer tournament and happens once every four years. This year, my favorite team, Argentina, made it to the finals but lost against Germany because of a late goal scored by Gotze. In Wimbledon, my favorite player, Roger Federer, made it to the finals but lost to Novak Djokovic in a great five set thriller. I liked the way Federer congratulated Djokovic at the end of the match and Djokovic told Federer,“Thank you for letting me win!”
Much like the guard of honor the Germans gave the players of Argentina as they collected their medals. Great sports is about good sportsmanship. 
Somebody asked me recently, “Which is better, soccer or tennis?” I like them both equally because they are both fun and active sports. Some people say tennis is better. Some prefer soccer. For example, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, two tennis greats, loved both tennis and soccer as a kid. But they realized that two sports would distract them from tennis. So they had to make a choice.They both chose tennis, so that must mean that they liked tennis better.

Soccer and tennis are both active, fun, competitive, and awesome sports. I am a fan of both of them. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but I believe that tennis is equally important. So I think that you can’t compare these two amazing sports with each other.
I think will grow up to be a soccer playing tennis pro!

The Prank

Summer vacations and grandparents almost sounds synonymous. You are entitled to a different degree of freedom and fun with grandparents because they have the patience to deal with all kinds of mischief’s, pranks and tantrums. In our story today, a young boy writes about the prank that he played on his grandpa. He requests us to publish this anonymous. We will honor the request of this little prankster. 
We are mighty impressed with how well young children express themselves. This post is witty and engaging, short and sweet. Enjoy ! 

Dadu (Grandpa) is sleeping in the middle of the day because he is jet-lagged after his trip to America the previous day. In my mind I think, “What a great time to do a prank!”
I approach the bed with a bag of tattoo pens. My P.I.P. (Partner In Pranks), my sister, walks over with her make-up box. I soon get to work. After a few minutes, I stop to admire my masterpiece. Dadu’s face is full of messages, such as, “Bob was here” or “Bob says Hi”. I also add a weird face with rabbit teeth, a gigantic nose, and a tiny body. I walk away to see what my sister is up to.I was happy to see pink nail polish brushed on his toes. 
When he wakes up he will be shocked to discover that he just had an extreme makeover. But as he is so sleepy, the only thing that would awaken him would be his weakness : A tickle!

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