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Children’s Writing Festival

The Day My Barbies Woke Up

Children’s Writing Festival : Story #2
Written By : Dia Singhvi, a first grader who loves to read, write and tell stories.  A young author who is extremely eloquent for her age. Bravo ! 

I woke up on a cold February morning to see my mom standing by my bedside with big grin on her face. “It’s raining cats and dogs outside, there will be no school today. Why don’t you do what you LOVE to do but don’t get to do otherwise? There is only one condition, no electronics.”

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Veggie-Mix: A Love Story

Children’s Writing Festival : Story #1

Written and Illustrated By : Srishti Hazra, 13, earth saver, voracious reader and an enthusiast young author. 

She gazed at the pictures in the cookbook longingly, wishing that she could look like the skinny potatoes in the bubbling oil. She looked at her reflection in the shiny pot, and saw a round and spotty vegetable that she didn’t think anyone would love.
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