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Some Uber People

Another year will soon come to an end. Like every year, my retrospection has begun. I have had this good / bad habit of doing it every December since childhood, one that I try hard but cannot get rid of. This year as I look back, one of the things I realize is I did not write as much as I wanted to. I did not share all the stories that I scribbled in Evernote or some compartment of my head so that I could tell them later.

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A Little Bit More

Photo credit : Soumi Haldar

As in all her stories, Barbara looks at little things in life, values them and delves into the deeper aspect that usually get ignored. Here is the latest gem from Barbara Stanifer.

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Choices We Make

Photo Credit : Sukanya Bora

I rediscovered Bond on my recent trip home to visit my aging parents. No, not James. Ruskin Bond. This is an author who reminds me of the power of simplicity. That brevity is underrated.

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