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Graduation Letter : From Mother To Daughter

The academic year is wrapping up and it is the time for the graduation ceremonies and the report card. What is more important in life? The grades or the experience called Life itself. Ranjana Gupta wrote this beautiful letter on her daughter’s graduation day (which she has very graciously shared with us). Life is not about the grades we earn, it is about the experiences it offers. Read books, meet people, travel and dance she mentions in the letter.

Ranjana and her daughter, Shalini have both contributed to this blog before. Shalini currently manages the blog - where in she chronicles the solo journeys of women from all walks of life. 

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A Poem For Mothers All Around

Somewhere far away in the vast Earth…

In my room I sit, staring around

Looking at how many things my dad found

He brought them for me to help me forget

To not feel like the world itself is a threat

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A Mother And The Motherhood Dare

Two stories, both about mothers from two different situations. You get to pick which one lingers in your heart for longer. 

Story –1 

It was an unusually sunny morning in the city of San Francisco. It was cold with a chill in the wind yet the sun shining strong above us. We were on a hill by the Golden Gate bridge, devoid of any tourists, just a few photographers. I sat on a small rock with my two children enjoying the beautiful sight around us. The bridge looked absolutely gorgeous and the water beneath it glistened and shone. Continue reading “A Mother And The Motherhood Dare”

To A New Beginning

After two years of bringing over hundreds of stories through a couple dozen storytellers, we took a mini hiatus this year. Sometimes a little break is a good thing. Even though we missed being able to tell a story or to share one, to be able to walk up to a new storyteller, ask for a new story and make a new friend.

But it also allowed us to read stories elsewhere. It gave us the time to ask people reading us, what they liked on our blog. What we learnt was nothing new. Everyone loves stories. Continue reading “To A New Beginning”

The Good Samaritan

It’s 8:45 am in the morning. There is the usual morning traffic on the road with people rushing between school drop offs and work. At a busy traffic light today, I stand impatiently changing the channels on the car radio, waiting for the light to become green and witnessing pedestrians  hurriedly crossing the road. 

The walk sign stops blinking. The light is green on both sides. As the traffic is about to begin moving the road, two elderly people suddenly step into the pedestrian crossing area. Initially unaware that the traffic is beginning to move,  they sense something is wrong as they walk a few more steps. Perplexed, they keep trying to cross the road. 

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The Gray Matters In Life

I am itching to write something. I have not written anything in a long while. But I don’t know what to write. It is just a longing that comes from within, without an agenda associated to it. So I stare at the blank screen for some indefinite time and then type these few lines in a jiffy. What if they were to vanish too ?
Nah! It’s not the writer’s block. I have enough  stories to tell. I just do not know how to put words to most of them. I do not know if I know how to tell them.

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It’s A Beautiful Day Today !

After the alarm clock had snoozed infinite times, with tugs of sleep still pulling my eyelids tightly, I struggled to see the time on my phone. 7:30am!! The alarm had been snoozing for past hour and we had 45 mins to get out of the door so that no one is late for where they need to get to.

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The Turquoise Scarf

It is little after ten in the morning. The early birds have left and the regulars have settled in. The café is quiet except for the usual sound of the espresso machine and a grand piano being played at the far end. There is discussion about Trump and the presidential election happening on one of the tables.  A charity event is being strategized on another. A few people sit huddled at an oblong table, fixated to their screens and typing away to glory. A group of women, in hiking gears, are engrossed in a late morning breakfast of croissants and latte while discussing all things in life. 

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Some Uber People -2

Last week, the story “Some Uber People” was a surprise hit. I have heard so many stories since from our readers and friends.  I realized I was not the only listening to such stories. The stories are not restricted to cab drivers. The Hair Dresser, the baker at the local bakery, the barista at a near by Starbucks, the mail man and many more everyday people.  I am inspired to start a series of such stories. 

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