Dear Mom,

You recently asked me to write an article for your blog for Mother’s Day, so here we are. Should I make this cheesy, funny, emotional, or the most popular post on your blog to date? Well, here goes!

A lot of things in my life are meh. “How was school today?” “Meh.” “Learn anything new?” “Meh.” “What do you want to eat?” “Meh.” These questions go on for a while until my brother, S starts talking.

A few things in my life are not so happy. Instead of sleeping, I am busy analyzing Great Expectations. Or studying for AP Biology. Almost all my favorite TV shows are not coming back until around five months later. I don’t have a million dollars. The list goes on.

Often, I am happy. We are going to Colorado in the summer. We got Nutella. There is no math homework tonight. Sometimes I am ecstatic. My favorite TV show which had stopped airing, Psych, is having a very special two-hour holiday special. There are only around twenty days left of school. We got pizza.

But if I had to mention one thing that tops these, it would have to be you!

When I am being a moody teenager, or sad or depressed because of something at school, you are always there to cheer me up. When I am overwhelmed with all my school work, you always make sure I eat and sleep. You help me in so many ways with my homework and projects. When I am happy, or even hyper-happy or uncontrollable, you always have something that will make me happier. No matter the weather (situation, scene, moment, ok I just wanted to use that line!) if I see you and your smile, I will be happy.

Thanks for usually taking my side when I am arguing with my brother. Thanks for making me listen to you all those times when you were right and I was wrong. Thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for always listening to me. Thanks for putting up with Baba and my brother. Thanks for being my mom. I wouldn’t be here without you (literally and figuratively).


Your one and only daughter,


Written by : Srishti Hazra , Picture By : Soumi Haldar