Imagine yourself as a poor little bug, about to be squashed by an alien human. So what do you do in your defense? You either bite, spray out venom, look all creepy or start smelling horrible if you do get killed. It’s not like you can help it. First, because it’s your instinct to do that, like a human’s instinct to cry as a baby, or blink every five seconds. Why are so many people against bugs?

It is my strong opinion that bugs are not in charge of any wrongdoing. So, here are a few things to prove that.

Bugs have many defense attacks. The quite common one, which is one of the reasons why humans despise these poor creatures so very much is due to their habit of biting. But, in their point of view, you are the creepy weird giant, that’s about to squash them. So, their instinct tells them to lunge forward and bite, and so that is what they do. Humans find this particular move of bugs rather annoying, creepy, or dangerous. Why? They shouldn’t. And, some species do help our environment.

Some slimy creatures are sometime garden pests, but rabbits and squirrels are also regular pests, but they are considered cute and fluffy. Again, why? And, when they bite, they are risking their lives. They cannot talk, they can’t go down on their tiny little knees and beg “Please have mercy O`Giant Beast. Don’t kill me! Have mercy!”

Anyway, my second reason is that they cannot help how they look, just like us humans. They turn out the way they are, and if they don’t like it, they have no options, they just live with it, and it’s not like they care. Humans can’t help how they look, still, so many people like them. And all those super-extra-weird features help them survive, and it is fascinating to learn about, really.

My final reason is that some species can help our environment. If humans look scary, we don’t want to smash them! Do we ? And even when some animals appear with a frightening image, us humans consider them to be cute and innocent.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that bugs are not evil creatures and not born to be pests and swatted or smushed. They can’t help how they look, like humans, and they don’t mean to look scary either. My biggest reason is that they only bite if they are scared, they can’t help their instinct. Also, some bugs do help our environment too.

So, how about giving bugs a chance? Next time you see on in your house, instead of stomping on it, how about helping it out?

Written by : Annika Joseph , Picture By : Soumi Haldar