It is the World Book Day! Bibliophiles all over the country are talking about their favorite books and authors. In today’s times, we usually do not talks as much about the bookstores. The online e-stores have become an easy and convenient replacement to the traditional bookstores. But the charm that a bookstore exudes can never compare with what the e-store offers.

On a recent trip to LA, instead of soaking sun on the beach or strolling the streets of Beverly Hills, we the chatoveracuppa ladies took a trip to the The Last BookStore in Downtown Los Angeles. The store definitely deserves a special mention for the way it’s aesthetics and the enormous collection of used and new, books and records. It would make the book lovers never leave the place.

A 22,000sq ft space in the Spring Arts tower at 5th and Spring, this place has the classics, new releases, cookbooks, encyclopedias, travelogues, survival guides, comics, children’s books. The list is endless. We could not even browse through books in all sections in a span of 2 hours.

The Sign At The Door. They Exhibit Art Too.

The store is spread over two floors and the way to the second floor tells you exactly what you should expect to find there.


A Tunnel Made Of Books. What more can you ask for ? Intriguing to old and young.
The Old World Charm. The Typewriter. A device not known to many in this generation.
In a sprawling 22,000ft, you will never get lost. You will be exactly where you desire to be.
Unlock the door to the mysteries.
The section with the classics and the encyclopedias. A nice quiet reading nook too.
A glimpse from a shelf in the classics section
Know your city, country, continent and the world.

So next time you are in Los Angeles and the smell of a bookstore makes your heart skip a beat, head over to The Last BookStore. We will forewarn you that your wallet and bank account is going to feel much lighter after the trip. Book lovers know that situation all too well.


We walked away with quite a few books that were 70-80 years old but in extremely good condition and for a bargain price. If you are paying less than $5 for a vintage book, that is more than a bargain actually.

We hope the place thrives and we will make another trip soon to trade some from our collection and to add more to an ever growing collection.

Pictures and Story by : Soumi Haldar and Piya Mukherjee Kalra