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March 2017

Do the curls or the makeup really matter ?

There are few times in a year that I wake up in the morning to wear formal attire, do my hair, put a little kohl under my eyes and slip into my heels. This is rare as most of the days you would find me in my jeans and converse, sans any makeup and my hair staying whichever way they decided to stay that day. But on those few mornings, I make a little effort as I ready myself for my business meetings.

It is not necessary to do any of that but I cannot walk into those meetings in my jeans and converse either. Most often, I leave things mid-way. This morning I leave dabbing the concealer on the dark acne scars halfway through. I remind myself that it does not matter. There are far more important things in the world than my acne scars. I take a final glance and notice that my hair has decided to behave today. The natural curls are not standing out and are obediently falling on my shoulders. I rarely have a good hair day.

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The Last BookStore – Los Angeles

It is the World Book Day! Bibliophiles all over the country are talking about their favorite books and authors. In today’s times, we usually do not talks as much about the bookstores. The online e-stores have become an easy and convenient replacement to the traditional bookstores. But the charm that a bookstore exudes can never compare with what the e-store offers.

On a recent trip to LA, instead of soaking sun on the beach or strolling the streets of Beverly Hills, we the chatoveracuppa ladies took a trip to the The Last BookStore in Downtown Los Angeles. The store definitely deserves a special mention for the way it’s aesthetics and the enormous collection of used and new, books and records. It would make the book lovers never leave the place.

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