The academic year is wrapping up and it is the time for the graduation ceremonies and the report card. What is more important in life? The grades or the experience called Life itself. Ranjana Gupta wrote this beautiful letter on her daughter’s graduation day (which she has very graciously shared with us). Life is not about the grades we earn, it is about the experiences it offers. Read books, meet people, travel and dance she mentions in the letter.

Ranjana and her daughter, Shalini have both contributed to this blog before. Shalini currently manages the blog - where in she chronicles the solo journeys of women from all walks of life. 

Hi Shalini!!

Congrats for becoming a post graduate officially,the highest degree as per the  Indian standards. Yes, of course you  can add on to this doing this, doing that and the list is endless. But  I don’t know how much knowledge this degree has added to your treasure  of the brain but yes it has definitely qualified  you to look for a possible and  probable job.

Let me just talk on another aspect. More than this degree, the past two years have evolved you to be a better, accomplished individual. You have learnt to conquer and overpower over many things. You have learnt to fish yourself out of troubled waters facing rogue like individuals, conquering fear and all alone. You did learn to move around with pushy house brokers and  select a shelter for yourself in a not so easy metro like Mumbai,shifting again,  Alone.

You attended classes, made new friends, read various books, travelled in hell like crowded local trains  and autos and buses. You had your first not solo but with others a travel without elders to Hampi and all the  good, happy, scary and  adventurous experiences you had  are worth taking as lessons too.And recently you finished your First solo trip to Pondicherry which definitely added to your knowledge.  Yes, now as a mother I can proudly proclaim you can face the world.

You travelled from one extreme corner to another to write your test. You learnt to overcome your nervousness with a not so helpful system ( my opinion) of ours Exam. You have also learnt lots and lots of other things. You may find yourself indecisive at times but with experience and age you will be better.  So for me you are a post graduate in so many important things in addition to commerce(the subject you majored in).

Once again congrats for facing the hurdles of life, learning and becoming a stronger, fearless individual. Be this way ever. Remember  to pursue your  interests for which we are blessed.If you get a job do it but do read books of your interest and choice, travel and  dance too.  One can’t be happy only acquiring  and doing a job unless he loves doing  it. We are the living examples of compromising with our interests. So be healthy, be peaceful and  above all be a good human being. Have faith in self and the Almighty.

We are always there!! We are all happy  with your postgraduate degree but I am more  happy with all your other acquired developments and experiences. Your father and younger sister are proud of you too.

God bless always!!

Best wishes!

Your Mother