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May 2016

Graduation Letter : From Mother To Daughter

The academic year is wrapping up and it is the time for the graduation ceremonies and the report card. What is more important in life? The grades or the experience called Life itself. Ranjana Gupta wrote this beautiful letter on her daughter’s graduation day (which she has very graciously shared with us). Life is not about the grades we earn, it is about the experiences it offers. Read books, meet people, travel and dance she mentions in the letter.

Ranjana and her daughter, Shalini have both contributed to this blog before. Shalini currently manages the blog - where in she chronicles the solo journeys of women from all walks of life. 

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A Poem For Mothers All Around

Somewhere far away in the vast Earth…

In my room I sit, staring around

Looking at how many things my dad found

He brought them for me to help me forget

To not feel like the world itself is a threat

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