One always leaves a part of themselves in the city that they have once lived in. The part that you get to re-visit along with all other wonderful memories on trips back to the city. Boston is one such place of memories for me.

Spring break took us across the coast, west to east of the US and the travel started on a bit chaotic note. After a delayed flight, missed connection, forced night halt at SFO, we finally landed at Boston’s Logan airport almost 10 hours late, but happy we had finally made it!

A shot taken shortly before landing at Logan airport.


With all our plans awry, thanks to the delayed flight, we decided to make the most of the remaining few hours of daylight and headed towards Quincy Market(the historic market at Downtown Boston), always a place for fun for the young and the young at heart.


Old and new, modern face of Boston

We roamed around Faneuil Hall looking for a magic shop we used to visit fourteen years ago. Many of the old shops had been replaced by big stores. But some things still remained the same. Like the Cheers pub and store or the little bookshop we found.

Massachusetts has indeed given us some great authors – Eric Carle, children’s favorite Dr.Seuss among many others. And we have a habit of stopping any place where storytellers are celebrated and heard.

As we made our way back to the parking lot, we had to stop for ice cream … maple ofcourse! This is a real deal maple and not the bottled labeled namesake thing. And then Ice cream can solve all problems in the world including extreme fatigue from travel.

Next stop : Newport, Rhode Island.

Pictures and Travel Story By Soumi Haldar