Picture Credit : Wikipedia  – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cake_pop

Story Credit : Aarushi Jain, the youngest regular contributor at the Chatoveracuppa blog. Storytelling comes to her naturally. This story was originally written for the children’s writing festival where the prompt was to write a story about a no school day spent without any electronics. 

“Haley! Haley,” wake up my mom said this morning as I yawned.

“You don’t have school today because it’s raining cats and dogs outside.”

“Yes!” I screamed in joy as I wiggled my feet out of the covers.

“But no iPhone, smartphone, laptop or TV,” my mom added as she numbered each device on her fingers. Then she walked out of the room. I grunted.

“Mmmm,” I said. “Your bear chocolate chip cookies are so delicious.” I added to please my mom.

Rumble! The thunderstorm outside blew out out all our lights. “Aah!” Chloe my four-year old sister panicked.

“Get four flashlights from upstairs. They are in the brown box where we keep our batteries,” my mom said loudly to my dad.

I was thinking to call my best friend Evelyn over, but she might be in the same condition – no electricity, no electronics and it was raining as well. While I was thinking, finally the lights came back on.

“Now I can do what I want, right?” I asked my mom.

“Yes but…”

“ I know I know,” I interrupted.


Now I had no idea what to do. I hopped upstairs to my room. I had books, board games, drawing books, dolls, origami paper, 30 decorate the tapes, and a whole box of arts and crafts.

“Sweetie” my mom called. “Will you help knead the dough for making few loaves of bread, please?”

“Sorry Mom. I’m going to do some art and craft,” I replied back.

“That’s fine,” replied Mom.

Rumble. Rumble. Rumble. Rumble. Again.

“Aah,” my sister screamed from her room for no reason but I’m sure she did because she though the lights would go out again.

The rain and thunderstorm continued.

I started working on an origami duck but I still remember the day when my dad bought me some origami paper from a store for the first time. I made one origami Seal that day. I made a brown seal and a yellow duck. I took all my Origamis and displayed them with my dolls on the top of my 2 feet tall art closet. The origami animals were supposed to be the doll’s pets.

I went downstairs to tell mom what I did with my dolls and origami. “Mom, I displayed my dolls and all the origami that I made on the top off my our closet.”

“That’s nice,” said mom. “We also have some guests coming over today.”


“Marco and Marcus and their family,” replied Mom.

“What those two little twin troublemakers? Well, I think I am going to put a little lemonade sale for when they come.” I put some dry lemons in a basket, a jar of sugar and a pitcher aside.


As soon as the twins came in, Marco picked up one lemon from the basket and threw it to Marcus. They started playing catch with the lemons and my plans for lemonade sale got stalled.

“I am hungry I want to make cake pops,” I declared loudly. Mom agreed to help me. So instead of lemonade we baked and decorated 24 kick pops and they looked so yummy and they tasted even yummier. We took the cake pops to the living room where everyone was sitting on the couch.

“Hi Mr. Osborne and Mrs.Orborne,” I greeted politely.

“Do you want some cake pops?” I asked everyone handing out the small plates.

Marco and Marcus ate three cake pops each, spilling some on the ground and leaving crumbs on the couch. Trouble. Trouble. Trouble.

As soon as we were done eating my mom said, “You can all go to Haley’s room and play.”

“Okay,” said Marco and Marcus together and ran upstairs. I ran after them.

“Can we draw?” Marco asked.

“Yeah we want to draw.” Marcus said. So I gave both of them paper, pencils and crayons for drawing and coloring. I should have known it was not a great idea.

“I need to go to the bathroom, so you guys please don’t mess with any of my stuff,” I told to both of them. They nodded but I was ninety percent sure they would do something.

I knew it!

While I was in the bathroom, somehow Marco and Marcus wrote their names with the decorative tapes on my bedroom ball. It was a HUGE sign on the wall. Their names were written with tape but the word “and” was written in black marker that Marcus had found under my bed. I quickly took a wet paper towel and tried to scrub it all out but it didn’t come off. I did take the tape off.

But before I took off the tape, I told on the twins to Mrs. Osborne. The twins apologized. They left soon afterwards leaving a memory on my wall. I am so glad they are gone.

This was an exhausting day! I am so glad I have school tomorrow. Hopefully.