After two years of bringing over hundreds of stories through a couple dozen storytellers, we took a mini hiatus this year. Sometimes a little break is a good thing. Even though we missed being able to tell a story or to share one, to be able to walk up to a new storyteller, ask for a new story and make a new friend.

But it also allowed us to read stories elsewhere. It gave us the time to ask people reading us, what they liked on our blog. What we learnt was nothing new. Everyone loves stories.

Earlier this year, very hesitantly when I enrolled for a creative writing webinar. Among other things, the writing coach said, “We all have stories to tell. It would be sad otherwise. Now it is for us to decide if we take our stories to the grave or if we choose to write and share them today. You can spend a lifetime judging the storyteller in you or the story you want to tell or you can just tell your story, from your heart, as it comes to you naturally.”

I noted it down, so that I could read it time and again. Somewhere, amidst the chaos of life, I am sure I do not want to take my stories to the grave. I am sure, no one does. Which means we have got to continue telling stories.

So here’s to a new beginning, with a rich legacy of 305 wonderful stories on the blog. Everyone has a story to tell. And everyone is always welcome to tell their story here at this blog. The rest of us would be curled up on a chair with a warm cuppa and listen to the story.

It’s time to fill up the blank pages on the journal again.

Chatoveracuppa will remain to be a small community of writers who love to write but do not find time to write as frequently. Writing is actually the most inexpensive hobby perhaps and social media makes it easy in today’s time to make our voices heard and stories read. We do not want to stop doing this. A plain ol good story charms the heart like nothing does. It will not go viral. It will not have a million likes may be. But it will bring a dozen smiles and a few misty eyes.