It’s 8:45 am in the morning. There is the usual morning traffic on the road with people rushing between school drop offs and work. At a busy traffic light today, I stand impatiently changing the channels on the car radio, waiting for the light to become green and witnessing pedestrians  hurriedly crossing the road. 

The walk sign stops blinking. The light is green on both sides. As the traffic is about to begin moving the road, two elderly people suddenly step into the pedestrian crossing area. Initially unaware that the traffic is beginning to move,  they sense something is wrong as they walk a few more steps. Perplexed, they keep trying to cross the road. 

You can tell they are nervous and new to all of this. It is an usual site to see elderly parents visiting from another country and the newness of this land getting to them. Sneakers under the saree and the set of green and gold bangles tell me they are from India, They had probably stepped out for a morning stroll and did not expect to reach a busy road. 
Some commuters drive by creating more chaos and heightening the confusion for the couple. Most everyone though is at a standstill and patiently giving them an opportunity to cross the road. They get onto the divider(mid way through) and their expressions clearly tell they are dreading crossing the rest of the way to the other side of the road. I am in the middle lane and I know if I jumped out to help them, it wouldn’t be such as great idea. As I toil with that thought, I see others wondering something similar. Just then I see the driver of the car next to the divider step out. His engine is turned off. 
We all get to witness a true good samaritan in real life. He holds the hands of the elderly couple and walks them to the other side. He directs them to walk on the sidewalk, we can tell by the animated conversation. It’s 8:51am and the traffic has not moved an inch except for a few extremely impatient drivers. The good samaritan returns to his car and only then the traffic sets flowing. A few honks(in a nice way) greet him and some roll their windows down to cheer the guy who reserved himself some solid good karma points today. 
There is still a lot of good left in the world. Unless we tell those good stories, the world may seem to be a fairly bad place to live in. 
#ASliceOfLife Written by : Piya Mukherjee Kalra 
Photo by: Soumi Haldar
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