Children’s Writing Festival : Story #10

Written By : Sameeha Soora. She is a second grader. She loves to read and make the world a better place to live in.


I was in San Francisco, the best place in the world for a vacation. I was on a boat dock, waiting to get on the cruise. At last I got on the cruise. I saw a fisherman trawling for fish, but dolphins were going right toward the nets.
And then the most tragic thing happened!

The dolphins got caught! It was most terrifying! I was thinking of a way to stop this whole cycle. Then an idea struck!
If the fishing boats had speakers tied to the bottom of the boats and the speakers sounded like the Orca’s(killer whales) that are enemies of Dolphin, then the dolphins would swim away from the fishing boats. I was so happy about my idea that I told the fishermen about my idea and they said, “Yes”. They agreed to try it out.

I was so excited because solving a problem is the best way to end a vacation!