Children’s Writing Festival : Story #9
Written & Illustrated By : Kimaya Kaviraj, age 9. Dancer, storyteller, artist.
Kimaya said, “I just can’t wait for tomorrow!”
Sanaya said, “Yes, you are right!”
Abhijoy said, “Let’s start packing!”
These are the things they packed. In a purple bag, Kimaya hanged an Elsa key ring and packed 7 frocks, a writing book, pencil, eraser, sharpner, lots of food and water.

In a pink bag, Sanaya packed the same things. In a blue bag, Abhijoy packed same things except the frocks. Instead he packed 7 t-shirts and shorts. Next day morning at 6 o’ clock, they did all the work at airport and boarded the plane. At least for 3 hours they were in the plane. They ate sandwich, honey loops and juice. They were going to Rajasthan. Once reaching there, they took camels and went into the desert. The camels were colorful and pretty. Soon it was dark and they got lost in the desert. At last they saw an abandoned castle.
Now the actual story begins. Let’s hear it from Kimaya.
We went there and saw a password door. It said, “Do you know the password?” We were surprised that the door can talk. We asked how you can talk. It said, “I am a robot. Now tell me the password.” I thought for a moment and said, “I am the queen, the queen. And this is my princess and prince, my
princess and prince.” The door said, “It is correct, please go in”. 
The door opened and we went inside. Then the door closed and lights came on in the castle. Then came a beautiful fairy, Ria. She said, “Come with me and I will show the castle”. We went with her upstairs. Sanaya asked why we are not going downstairs. Ria said because upstairs there is a fun room. Abhijoy said, “Yeeaah!!!” He was happy. There were 25 rooms. They went to the 3rd room, it was labeled “Ghost Room”. They got scared; Ria took her disguise out and said, “I am a ghost, a ghost!!! He He He! Ha Ha Ha!” We got scared and ran downstairs. We saw a mermaid named Veenu. She could walk with her mermaid tail. She was extremely beautiful. 
She said “I will take you to the Fairy Room”. She labeled the Blood Room, as Fairy Room. But we didn’t know that. She took us there. We saw that the Fairy Room label has come out little. I saw it was written Blood below, so I knew that it was the Blood Room. So we ran away from there. By that time it was morning and somehow we managed to reach the tourist hotel. They welcomed us and the manager apologized for leaving us in the desert. We forgave them, they were happy.  Then I wondered that Ghost, Fairy, Mermaid are not real, so how was that possible. Do you know? Never mind, let’s go to the water park. We loved the water park and all of us were happy.
The alarm clock shouted “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”
Kimaya said, “Oh! It’s a dream.” She told the story to Sanaya and Abhijoy. They were happy and loved the story.