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March 2016

The Gray Matters In Life

I am itching to write something. I have not written anything in a long while. But I don’t know what to write. It is just a longing that comes from within, without an agenda associated to it. So I stare at the blank screen for some indefinite time and then type these few lines in a jiffy. What if they were to vanish too ?
Nah! It’s not the writer’s block. I have enough  stories to tell. I just do not know how to put words to most of them. I do not know if I know how to tell them.

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Dolpin By Catch

Children’s Writing Festival : Story #10

Written By : Sameeha Soora. She is a second grader. She loves to read and make the world a better place to live in.


I was in San Francisco, the best place in the world for a vacation. I was on a boat dock, waiting to get on the cruise. At last I got on the cruise. I saw a fisherman trawling for fish, but dolphins were going right toward the nets.
And then the most tragic thing happened!
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The Story Of The Abandoned Castle

Children’s Writing Festival : Story #9
Written & Illustrated By : Kimaya Kaviraj, age 9. Dancer, storyteller, artist.
Kimaya said, “I just can’t wait for tomorrow!”
Sanaya said, “Yes, you are right!”
Abhijoy said, “Let’s start packing!”
These are the things they packed. In a purple bag, Kimaya hanged an Elsa key ring and packed 7 frocks, a writing book, pencil, eraser, sharpner, lots of food and water.
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