Children’s Writing Festival : Story #7
Written By : Shreya. A second grader she loves to work with colors,spends most of her time doodling and reading books. For when she grows up, she wants to own a book store and an art studio of her own. 

The First Day Of Second Grade

It was Sarah Adam’s first day in second grade and she was very excited. As she walked into the school, she saw her old friends from first grade. She ran to them and said excitedly, “Hi! It is so nice to see all of you.“

“It is nice to see you too, Sarah. Which room are you in?” asked a friend.
“Room 11,” said Sarah.

“Yay! We are all in the same room again this year,” said another friend.

Sarah was a quiet girl and she only had a few friends at school. But they were her best friends and they always stayed together.
After a few minutes, the bell rang and they went to the classroom together. Their new teacher’s name was Mr. Teddy. Mr. Teddy introduced himself and asked the students to introduce themselves. After the introductions it was soon time do some math.
At recess Sarah and her friends played basketball and met some other friends. Sarah noticed a new girl among her old friends. The new girl was playing on the monkey bars by herself. They smiled at each other but did not talk.
Soon recess was over and everyone went back to the classroom. The rest of the day was spent in writing about their first day in school and discussing the book of the week.
When Sarah’s mom picked her after school, Sarah could not stop talking about her first day in the second grade. She was happy that summer was over and she could not wait for school next day.

Sarah Meets A New Friend
The next morning, Sarah skipped and hopped her way from the curb at the drop-off location to her classroom. At recess that day, the new girl asked Sarah, “Can you play with me?”
“Yes. Sure I can. What is your name? My name is Sarah.”
“My name is Amy.”
“Come play with us.”
Amy started playing with Sarah and her friends. Sarah and Amy had a lot of fun together. Sarah looked forward to playing with Amy again.
The next day again, Amy played with Sarah and her friends and they all liked the new girl Amy. She was very nice to all of them.
On the third day when they were all playing basketball, Amy wanted to be get more turns at the basket. They let her be. Soon Sarah noticed Amy was saying, “Get out of my way!” to everyone who asked for a turn.
Sarah was not very happy to hear that but she did not say anything to Amy.
Then Amy suddenly hit Sarah with the ball and called her “Wierdo”. Sarah felt very upset. But she did not say anything to Amy. She did not know why Amy was being so rude to everyone.

The next day Amy did not come to school as she was sick. Sarah thought she could discuss with her friends what had happened yesterday. At lunch, Sarah asked her friends, “Do you know what is going on with Amy? She was very rude to me yesterday.”
“She was rude to me too. She pushed me in the playground,” said a friend.
“She pushed me too. I fell on the ground. She said I looked very funny,” said another friend.
They discussed about using the TAG policy with Amy.
T- Tell a friend, I don’t like it or please don’t do.
A – Ask for an agreement
G – Go ask for help, if you need.
They also discussed that if this did not work, they would stop playing with Amy.
That day after school, Sarah kept thinking about Amy. She also thought if she should ask her parents what she should do. At dinner table, she asked her parents what to do.
Sarah’s parents liked the idea of using TAG. They told her she should very nicely tell Amy not to be rude to Sarah and her friends. They also told Sarah that we should not be rude to anyone even if they are not nice to her.
Telling Amy To Stop
The next day, when Sarah and her friends saw Amy repeating the same things in the playground, they told Amy to stop being rude.

“Can you please not do that Amy? I don’t like the way you are talking to me,” said Sarah.
“No,” said Amy and continued to tease Sarah and her friends.
Sarah’s friends did not say anything to Amy. Sarah felt a little sad about that but she did not say anything to them.
“Please Amy. We are friends. We should not hurt or tease each other. Can we agree to that,” Sarah said again.
“You are not going to tell me what to do,” Amy said angrily.
Sarah felt very sad. She did not want to play anymore. She went back to the classroom. She knew she needed to get help from the teacher.
She went to Mr.Teddy and told him what the problem was. He listened to her and then asked Sarah to call her other friends too. When everyone came, Mr.Teddy asked about what was happening with Amy in the playground.
“Our friend, Amy is saying bad things to us and teasing us. She even pushed and hurt us. Sarah was using T.A.G but Amy is not listening. We need your help,” said Sarah’s friend.
Mr.Teddy asked them to talk to Amy together, as a team and tell her everyone was feeling hurt. He explained to them that many voices were more powerful than one voice. If Amy still did not listen to everyone then he would help.

The Power Of Many 

So they all went back to the playground and told Amy they wanted to talk to her. Amy got down from the monkey bar.
“What is it?” she asked.
“You are hurting all of us,” said Dave.

“When you are rude to us, we feel sad,” said Rohini.
“We cannot be friends with you if you push us and hurt us and tease us,” said Sarah.
“Please be nice to us and we all could be friends and play together. We could have lots of fun. Please,” said Jennifer.
“Please do not break our pencils, hide our homework folders or scribble on our desk. It is not nice. Mr.Teddy thinks we are doing all of that. But we saw you doing it.That is not nice Amy,“ said Tom.
“Think about it. If we did all of this to you, how would you feel about it? You would feel very sad too,” asked Sarah.
Amy realized that no one liked what she had been doing. Nobody wanted to be friends with her anymore. She realized her mistake.
“I am sorry for all I have done. I will not do it again. Please stay friends with me,” said Amy.
So from that day on, Amy learned not to bully anybody and to be nice to everyone. Sarah and her friends learned that many voices are powerful than one voice.