Children’s Writing Festival : Story #6

Written By : Swar Jain, an almost teenager!



When the weather is bad and there are gray skies outside, being stuck in the house can be tedious. Most people look at this as a depressing day to stay home on the couch watching TV and feeling sorry for themselves. People should look at a rainy day as an opportunity, an opportunity to do things you usually don’t or can’t do on normal days because they are simply hobbies or not that high on your priority list. And so, I will explain what I would do to make a rainy day stuck at home, to a day full of fun. Go ahead, do something different and learn something new.

One of the things I would like to do is play board games with someone who is in the house with me. Games like Monopoly or Life are my favorite, but take too long and usually are excluded from day to day life. Board games are something that I usually really enjoy. I have fun sitting down and using my strategic thinking. Though I enjoy board games I normally don’t play them. They are generally replaced by TV, video games, or other activities. On a day where I have nothing but time I would appreciate a board game.
Another thing that I would fancy on a rainy day would be building models or making things from assembling kits. It is something that I never pick up on a normal day because sometimes they can be a little time consuming and I am not the most patient person. Also I am very bad at starting things and often feel lazy. If I could start one of those models, I can almost promise you I would finish it.
Something else I would relish on a day off would be spending some time with my little sister. I could teach her some stuff, do experiments with her, and read her books. She is 8 years old and would surely appreciate us having some fun together. On normal days we usually fight or get into arguments but I really would love to teach her some new stuff and make the most of our day off.
Something else I would enjoy on a day off is to read a nonfiction book. I usually like to read fiction teen books but with nonfiction I would learn something new and it and would boost my general knowledge. Nonfiction books are great ways of attaining knowledge about something you are curious about. I could give a few minutes for a nonfiction book out of my day off.
Lastly, on my day off, I would cook recipes. I have always had a love for food, eating it and cooking it. A day off would be the perfect opportunity to try to make something new and then taste it to see what you can do better next time. It can be simple that is common or fancy from a cook book. I could also bake or make a new drink. It would be fun, delicious (hopefully) and help for whichever parent is staying home with my sister and me.
So these are just a few of the many things I would like to do on a day off.
Rainy days don’t always have to be depressing after all. You can just find things you usually can’t do and have a fun day.