Children’s Writing Festival : Story #5
Written By : Aleesha Bora. 
Artist : Aleesha Bora
A beautiful still life made by an young artist (the author of this post)
But I still wanted to stay in bed. Because I was still tired. At the same time I was excited that there was no school today.
My mind started thinking what I was going to do today. I was bummed that I couldn’t use electronics at all. But it did not stop me from having fun. It did not stop me from doing some things that I love to do.

So I jumped out of bed, got out of my night clothes.After a quick breakfast, I started thinking what I was going to do.A great idea crossed my mind. I thought first I should draw something off the internet. Oh, wait, I cannot use the internet.

Remember no electronics!

I decided to grab my paint set and started to paint a picture for my mom. I thought about what she likes. I realized she liked still life. So I got a big bowl, put some fruit in it and started painting a still life for her.

I wanted the still life to be realistic for my mom. I started to add some shades of color so my art work popped. It took me a while to finish the art work because I really wanted it to be perfect for my mom. I looked at the art work. I felt proud of what I saw. It looked like Van Gogh’s. Actually scratch that off. It didn’t. But I knew when I give it to mama, she would have a great reaction. I jumped out of my seat, excitedly. I was ready to give it to her.
Mama was in the study working on her computer. I skipped over to give my masterpiece to her proudly.She stared at it for a few minutes and then she gave me a big hug. She was happy to get this gift.

Right after that, I started thinking about what I was going to do next. Then I had a brilliant idea. I decided to throw a party for my dolls. I am a lucky girl. I have a big collection of Ever After High Dolls and American Girl Dolls. And I play with them sometimes.

I started planning for the party. I decided it will a grand opening for their acting studio. I started making a guest list, foods I will make and decorations, like mini banners and streamers. I started working. I made little fake foods like mini pretzels, corn dogs and chips. I made event tickets for guests and handed them out. My guests were some of my doll’s friends, my stuffed animals. I invited Bob, my minion, Tiffany, my dog, Doogie, Teddy, my favorite bear and Unicorny, my pillow pet.
I turned an old shoe box into a mini table. I put a big tissue paper as a table cloth. This was for the food. I wanted it to look like a real party. I needed music. So I turned on the CD player. OneDirection’s Best Song Ever started playing. I wanted my guests to dance too. There was awelcome bow which I got Josephina, my American Girl doll to cut. As soon as she cut the bow,the party started.
My guests were dancing, playing games and having fun. The party was a super duper success! The party soon ended. Then it was clean up. I always clean up after my events. My mama gets mad if I don’t.

I was so tired after this party that I decided to take a nap.And guess what, I had a dream. Remember Martin Luther King’s speech, I have a dream.

Something like that.I dreamt that I was part of a famous dancing group. And we were on America’s Got Talent. Thejudges really liked our dancing and eventually at the end, we won the contest!!!We held the trophy and as we walked off the stage, I saw my mom. 

And she was saying, wakeup, wake up!

I said, “What???”  And the next minute I was in my bed, in my room.