Children’s Writing Festival : Story #3
Written By : Tanya Banerjee. Writing is in her genes. But Tanya is not just a young author, she is a fabulous illustrator too. We managed to get a glimpse of that too. 

I woke up one morning to see my mom standing by my bedside with a grin on her face.

“It’s raining cats and dogs outside. There will be no school today. Why don’t you do what you love to do and don’t get to do otherwise? There’s only one condition, no electronics!”

So I sat on my bed and thought for a bit. “There’s nothing to do inside! I complained. Suddenly I had an idea! I rushed downstairs, slipped on my rain coat and ran through the forest into my dad’s camping tent that he uses as his home office. Since I helped him put up the tent, he told me “You can use this any time you want darling”.

So I was going to do it on this boring day. When I got inside I saw something, I yelled with surprise. It was the cutest, smallest, little … ELF!!!  It was frightened. But then it came a bit closer and said “Hello, my name is Daisy, what’s yours?”

 She seemed harmless so I responded, “Tanya”.

“I haven’t had company for a long time, do you want to play?”

“I guess” I said because I had nothing else to do.

“Do you want to draw?” I suggested. 

 “I don’t know how to draw.”

“I’ll show you, what is your favorite animal?” I said. 

“PHOENIX!!!” she exclaimed!

“All right”, so I taught her how to draw one! We used color pencil and shaded, hers looked amazing!!!

Then it started to rain harder.

“I better go” I said “oh no, my shoes got all wet!”

“That’s alright, I’ll show you how to make shoes that protect you from the rain! ” she said.

“That’s AMAZING!!!” I said.

We made the shoes out of leaves and they were so soft! When we went outside I could see the rain fall on me but I couldn’t feel it and I didn’t get wet! Daisy and I roamed around in the forest and she brought me to her house!

 It looked like a small cottage but when we went inside it was HUGE!!! Like the TARDIS from Doctor Who, bigger on the inside! I smelt a chocolate cake.

“I know you love chocolate cake so I made some” , Daisy said smiling.

“But I never told you that” I exclaimed.

“Magic!” she grinned mischievously.

 So we ate the cake and talked about our day.

“I should go now” I said after we ate, “it’s getting dark.”

“Ok, bye, come back tomorrow!”

“Absolutely!” I said.

When I got home my mom was on her computer. “No screens today – remember! I reminded her.

 “Ok smart girl”, she said closing her laptop, “What did you do today?”

“Oh, nothing I just played with an elf”

My mom just stared at me.