Children’s Writing Festival : Story #1

Written and Illustrated By : Srishti Hazra, 13, earth saver, voracious reader and an enthusiast young author. 

She gazed at the pictures in the cookbook longingly, wishing that she could look like the skinny potatoes in the bubbling oil. She looked at her reflection in the shiny pot, and saw a round and spotty vegetable that she didn’t think anyone would love.

All those French fries and hash browns always stared at her, like she was the odd one out. How could she ever be like them? She wasn’t able to go through all those altercations, it would change the flavor she was born with. And everyone knew that keeping your flavor was the secret to a good potato’s life.

How she envied the ladies at the local spud shop. Salty the Fry, always knew what was in, the latest seasonings, and boy, could she make the ketchup work! Patty the Hashbrown, always seemed to know what to do, and which sandwich to go into. If only she as could be as smart and pretty like them. Why hadn’t she been born like them? Everyone she knew had told her that she should embrace herself for being unique and for upholding the title of the “Original Potato”. She should be proud of who she was, and glad that she had not changed like the rest of the potatoes. But she still couldn’t bring herself to believe that. She kept gazing through the cookbook, when her eyes finally landed on the cucumber salad. How tall and handsome and watery the cucumber looked. She wished she could try to find a man like him one day. Only a person such as him could makes her change her mind about herself. “Oh well,” she thought as she left for the supermarket to pick up something for dinner.


He walked out of the publishing company’s office, tired and thinking of what he wanted for dinner that night. Maybe some more of that water would be nice. He smirked, laughing at that thought. “Who would ever want someone as liquidy and green as me?” he thought, as he stared at his reflection in the store window. He pondered that the only thing he had was the water and not much else. He always dreamed of finding someone the exact opposite of him. Not tall and lean, but shorter; not so bright green, but something of a darker color; not covered in lines, but nice and spotty. Just where he would find someone like that was the question on his the mind an as he walked over to the supermarket to figure out what he was going to have for his meal that night.


She ended up in the aisle of pasta at the grocery store. She was trying to reach for the highest shelf to get the kind of spaghetti she liked. “Curse my height!” she thought, as she stretched, unsuccessfully, not able to reach. She was about to start climbing the shelves when a tall, cool, of green body reached over her and handed her the pasta. “Thanks,” she said, “I’m Paula the Potato.” “No problem”, he replied as he stuck out his hand, “Camryn the Cucumber. Glad to be of help.” After a minute of awkward silence, he said, “Would you like to join me for dinner? We seemed to be having the same meal plans…” “Um…okay!”