After the alarm clock had snoozed infinite times, with tugs of sleep still pulling my eyelids tightly, I struggled to see the time on my phone. 7:30am!! The alarm had been snoozing for past hour and we had 45 mins to get out of the door so that no one is late for where they need to get to.

And, so the madness begun and this sort of madness and chaos is not unknown to anyone reading this story.
There was whole lot of running around the house and finding things that are always lost when you are running late. Homework folder, keys, socks, matching pants and that signed form for the upcoming field trip. The house looked ransacked when all the searches finally ended.
Lunch boxes were hurriedly packed which would probably return untouched. A home baked brownie was smuggled in as a little treat with the cheese sandwiches nevertheless. A hot cup of darjeeling tea was steeped even though it would sit on the counter all day after the first two sips. Amidst this, the toddler requested to go to the bathroom every 5 mins. His new found favorite place. Makes it convenient to sit in there and sing a rhyme, make faces, simply while away time but not produce any results. His relaxed demeanor is in startling contrast to everyone else’s at home.
If that was not enough, an iMessage, a slack message or a new email popped in, every few minutes and caused further distraction. The perils of advanced communication in corporate life today. The pager of a doctor in ER does not probably beep that much and if it does, it saves a life. But we are not doctors and we cannot save lives. In our world, everything can wait but it never does.
As we were about to head out, I felt a pair of little hands pulling my sweater. I knew this time the need for the trip to “neverendingtripland” is real. The expressions said it loud. So we sprinted as if in an Olympic race and got to the finish line just in time. We headed out finally after a few minutes. As I drove to the preschool, I was making a mental note of things to finish at work,  a few errands and the books to be returned at the library afterwards, the home that needs fixing after being turned upside down and important paperwork that has been pending for a while. The toddler was enjoying himself to a peppy Bollywood number. He was mimicking the steps too while still strapped in his seat, flexing his muscles as the number belts out – Main hoon superman …(I am a superman).
I want to be like him. Careless, free, happy, oblivious to what needs to be done and what is pending. But there was traffic and there was construction happening on the road. The 15 minute ride would now be double the time and I would certainly be late for the first meeting for the morning. I pressed the temples of my head, migraine was setting in.
“What a day!” I said to myself.
“It’s a beautiful day today Mumma,” said a little voice from the rear car seat. I was stumped.
A random picture of beautiful day, beautiful sky taken via mobile phone
“What did you say ?” I asked again. I was not sure I heard it right.
“It’s a beautiful day today Mumma.”  A phrase I am not sure he understands or may be he does. It must be something they say in the school, I thought to myself. But he was right. It was a beautiful day. Something I had not paid attention to till that moment. The California sun shone brightly after many days of overcast skies. Everything looked green and serene. It was another new, beautiful day.
The mechanics of life can be such that sometimes it takes a pint sized toddler to remind us that we are blessed with a beautiful day, a beautiful life and that we are surrounded by beautiful people. When we reached the preschool, I was no longer rushing. I had been put in place by my little man. I walked him to the class and circle time was just about to begin. He walked up to his spot on the carpet and sat down by himself.
As I hung his coat in the closet, I heard the teacher say – “Good Morning To You. It’s a beautiful day today.”
The toddlers said in unison,  “Good Morning To You. It’s beautiful day today.”
This song played in the background as I walked out of the classroom – “A beautiful day to do what I wanna do. A beautiful day to be alive. So glad I got a beautiful day and I would like to share with you.”
Story and Picture By: Piya Mukherjee Kalra. Random musing on insistence of many who said they miss the long absence of my personal essays and stories on the blog.