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December 2015

Some Uber People -2

Last week, the story “Some Uber People” was a surprise hit. I have heard so many stories since from our readers and friends.  I realized I was not the only listening to such stories. The stories are not restricted to cab drivers. The Hair Dresser, the baker at the local bakery, the barista at a near by Starbucks, the mail man and many more everyday people.  I am inspired to start a series of such stories. 

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The Girl In The Green Dress

You know what’s worse than breaking up with a boyfriend of two years? Breaking up just a week before Valentine’s Day!The breakup didn’t come as a surprise to Natasha, but she wasn’t prepared for it either. The couple had been having arguments and disagreements for quite some time now. Each passing day the “I Love You’s” were getting occasional and the “I told you so” more frequent.

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Some Uber People

Another year will soon come to an end. Like every year, my retrospection has begun. I have had this good / bad habit of doing it every December since childhood, one that I try hard but cannot get rid of. This year as I look back, one of the things I realize is I did not write as much as I wanted to. I did not share all the stories that I scribbled in Evernote or some compartment of my head so that I could tell them later.

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A Short Walk

Sometime we travel all around the world but a little distance to a place in the memory is hard to travel to. Our inner fears, inhibitions and hesitations are so strong that it is not easy to breakthrough them. A traveller’s story of his fears to travel back to his alma-mater.

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Travel For A Better World

When people travel they tend to understand other’s ethnicity, culture and mannerisms better. When they travel they get a deeper insight into other people’s life. When they travel they start knowing what people really are and not just interpret by what is told to them on wiki.

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