Earlier this week, we had asked all our readers and storytellers to share stories of gratitude and let the hashtag #gratitude trend. We same so many Facebook updates from everyone. Most of them being personal, we did not share it on our wall. We were glad we nudged people to talk about something we often forget. This gratitude note is from a fifth grader who writes an honest and simple note. 

In all the other times of the year, I have only thought about the challenges and obstacles I face, how almost all things are unfair, and how I have so much homework from school and extra classes…. well, you get the idea. But when the time comes around when it is all about giving thanks, a thought comes to light in my mind. I have my things to be grateful, or as they say, thankful for.
I have a good home, and go to a good school. I have all I need and more. I have my brother, and I know I wouldn’t give him up for anything, annoying as he is. And most importantly, I have my mom and dad, who I couldn’t live without. I have my friends, and it would take me too long to name them all.
These things and beloveds are only a few of the things I have to be thankful for. There are many things that I take for granted, and it on Thanksgiving this year that I realize some of them. This year I thank God for food, water, and shelter. I thank him for the land, the oceans, the soil, the animals and the nature.
Every year I hear about many different incidents, such as when a robber takes away from a family, or when terrorists attack a place and kill many people. So on Thanksgiving, I give thanks that my family and I are safe.
And after thinking about all these things, I feel like this is a new start. Like this is a part where I can put a mark and try harder, practice more. And stop complaining about challenges and accept them as a part of life.    

This is a new start for me, and I hope I will keep up the spirit to work harder. Happy Thanksgiving!!!     

Written by : Shree Jayaraman, a talented fifth grader is a voracious reader, gifted writer who aspires to be a published author one day.