Dreams I see in plenty and at times the weirdest of the weird ones. But the dream I would be talking about is the one in Dr Kalam’s words, the one that we see while awake. Yes, I too like many others, did see lots but blame my destiny, circumstances or lack of effort on my part, I feel actually am not living any of them.

As a student I did write, and as a teacher I did make my students write on ‘ My/Your aim in life’. Here the aim actually means the dream we would love to really live. As any normal child, I kept changing my dreams from being Florence Nightingale to a police woman and the focus kept on shifting.

Years went by and I sustained myself doing something I never dreamt of, that of being a teacher. Days rolled by and I continued enjoying the roller coaster ride put forth by life or destiny. Never did I stop to think if I was living my dream or not or at least thought if I was living for myself till I was shaken up with the theme ‘living your dreams’ from this page.

“What dream are you living on? What would you write on?” I was asked. I had no answer. I kept on thinking and felt grieved too to think after so many years I have no dream to live on. This really can’t be; said my conscience. God is not so unkind and apathetic. He takes care of all and plans for all. So what are those blessings I am enjoying in life for which I forget to be grateful to the Almighty.

I thought a lot and found an answer that I was living not one but many dreams which I hadn’t even dreamt of.

Let me talk about one particular dream of my youth, the one I was so passionate about.

The school I studied decades back in Kolkata was adjacent to the then Kolkata Dum Dum Airport. We could see airplanes landing, the take offs used to be so low that we could bid bye to any, we could see the passengers alighting and of course the puny image of the lady at the door, yes the air- hostess. Those days air hostesses were really tall, smart beautiful women. There were then only two airlines; Air India and Indian Airlines. 

When in school I totally admired those ladies. The tall women with high-necked blouses, silk sarees with long pleats behind, high heels and last but not the least the top- knots. Oh how I was obsessed with the white ambassadors in which these ladies travelled to and from the airport. Oh how I dreamt to be an airhostess knowing that I stood nowhere to be one. Gradually as I moved out from that school premises, the dream of my admired lot slowly started fading.

Years rolled by and when I was doing my post-graduation I got the chance to live my dream of being an airhostess. I appeared for an interview and got selected to be one with Indian Airlines but deterred by destiny and circumstances, I lost that dream too. I was shattered and unlike the girls of the present generation, lacked the required courage and confidence to fight back to hold on to my dreams and had to let it go.

In life we do take things and all blessings by Almighty as granted and don’t even realize them. Trust me, we have to make some conscious efforts to discover the bliss of those boons.

Yes, a deep introspection and my conscience tells me to look for all the alternative ways in which I am living the dream of my youth. And I found I do live my dream. I live it when I wear the silk sarees with long pleats, with heels, though not very high. I live my dream of sitting in that white ambassador when I drive my white car. I do drive a lot. I have to, of late, fly frequently, so once again I realized I am living my dream to fly in the air though not as a crew, but as a guest. Yes, I am living my dream.

I have analyzed, introspected a lot and tried to present the dream I live in a different way only to make others also realize that nothing is lost in vain. We do live our dreams but with a slight delay at times and with a twist of events as designed by the Almighty.

Trust me you don’t have to despair but take time to count your blessings too. You are actually living your dreams as once dreamt by you. So move on and discover the dream you are living on. I am living mine. Are you?

Written by : Ranjana Gupta