Kavitha Kannan, a storyteller, a zumba teacher, a fitness freak, a dreamer. 
Living Your Dream – Story #8 – When life presents you with a challenge, can you turn it into an opportunity and set a life changing goal ? In speaking with Kavitha Kannan, the dreamer and the narrator of today’s story, we are inspired on how she fought two of her primary challenges – struggle with fitness issues and hesitation for public speaking, worked on both of them and made both of them life long career choices. 

What is a dream? A dream is a desire, an inner feeling that wants to be fulfilled in real time. It is the first significant dot that helps us complete the bigger picture.

I would describe myself as a happy, fun-loving adventurous individual. I found my spot under the sun by simply per suing the things I am passionate about. Reading books, listening to stories and watching a plot reveal itself have always fascinated me. The change that happened from being a passive participant to the anchor person, was nerve racking to start with. But thankfully life is full of pleasant surprises ! Narrating stories gave me an opportunity to come out of my shell and address an audience, it helped me build my confidence on stage as well as off it. Fear and uncertainty took a back stage from then on.

Kavitha at one of her storytelling sessions 
This medium of communication gave me an opportunity, to express myself vocally as well as tap my creative side when I had to come out with new creative craft activities for the children. Interacting with the children  brought out the child in me. To enthral and entertain a new set of people, ranging in age from two years to the very sweet 70 years plus toothless couples is a wonderful challenge. Interaction with my audience happens at Birthdays, get together’s, schools, bookshops and corporate events. The props used vary from glove puppets to paper cut-outs which make the experience very memorable. Several icebreakers are introduced during a session to make the flow of conversation from either side easy and continuous.

Right through my school and college days I have been enjoyed sports. I was an athlete and loved to compete in all the events. Therefore being fit and agile was a good inbuilt quality in me. As the years rolled by so did my weight. The extra pounds refused to leave me. I was on the lookout for something that was fun, energetic and enjoyable. Zumba which is a Latin American fitness program fit the bill perfectly.

I was the lady with two left feet with no dancing skills for a good number of years. Running, jumping, skipping and clearing hurdles was my thing but when I came across Zumba, I loved the music, the energy, the rush and the easy to follow movements. I wanted to be able to perform the steps perfectly so I practiced and practiced until I nailed each and every move. It’s been a good five years now since I started taking Zumba classes and I have not looked back since.

I absolutely enjoy every single class. I have met awesome friends along the way. Their presence truly enriches the whole experience. We all work as a unit, to burn more calories and encourage each other, on our journey to achieve our fitness as well as our wellness goals. I used to be an introvert. My two chosen professions ensure that I speak out and stay fit. There is no time to feel sad, bad or insecure and I thank god for that.

Kavitha instructing at a Zumba session 
Now I am at ease and very comfortable, to address a large audience. I believe a person evolves every day and the best is yet to come. All our dreams will come true if we have the courage to pursue them. That courage should come from within each one of us. My moto in life is “ Never say never, try try and keep trying till you succeed, nothing succeeds like success” I am happy that I am living my dream, be self-sufficient and follow my heart, I am loving it.

Story and Pictures By : Kavitha Kannan 
You can read more about her on http://kavistories.com/ and find her on her FB page