The Rudraksha bead bought by Dr.Haldar in Nepal 
At times, life presents strange and mysterious coincidences that often leave you wondering and sometimes leave you with goosebumps. The Rudraksha from Nepal and the lives of people around it is one such story. 

It was the month of September 2013. India as a country and the state of Bengal in particular was busy celebrating the homecoming of Goddess Durga, the Durga Puja festival. We (my wife and I) were part of a group of 52 people, of different ages visiting Nepal on a trip during that festive season. Nepal is India’s neighboring country and shares common cultures and traditions. It is a small country dotted with many auspicious temples, old wooden palaces of king’s and princes and has breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Indian currency is well accepted in Nepal, making it a favorite vacation destination for many.

One morning during the trip, we visited a Vishnu temple where the lord Vishnu was laying on water.  n the temple complex I discovered a few “Rudraksha” trees laden with bunches of green fruits and started taking photographs. After a while, my wife, came and told that me that a mysterious looking person offered her a variety of Rudraksha beads at a very modest price. As I am often interested in collecting such local artifacts during our travels, she wanted me to see them. We looked all over the temple but the person selling the Rudraksha beads seemed to have vanished. 

I eventually bought a string of tiny Rudraksha beads from the hotel counter and forgot about the man selling the beads at the temple.

On the very last day I was feeling very disappointed as we missed the beautiful sunrise at Pokhara due to heavy rain. A young software engineer who was traveling with his parents and uncle had managed to see the sunrise. He took my e-mail address and promised to upload all the sunrise pictures on his return to Kolkata.

He never emailed me. I reminded him after a month. He then told me that an unknown car had hit his uncle, Mr Sen, in front of his house just after their return to Kolkata. Mr. Sen was also a part of our tour group. The bleeding was so profuse that he struggled for three weeks on a ventilator, but finally succumbed to his injuries. I consoled the young man but something else was waiting for me.

After a couple of days, I was traveling by the metro to Presidency University. Someone came and sat down next to me. 

He said, “Are you Dr Haldar who had gone on the Nepal trip?”. 

“Yes”, I replied. 

“Do you remember the two widowed sisters who were on the same Nepal trip?” 

“Yes”, I replied. 

I was caught by surprise by this question. I had no recollection of meeting this young man on the trip and here he was aware of little details from the trip. 

“They got hit by unknown cars in front of their house in an interval of 3-4 days and expired,” he continued. 

I mentioned to him that the same thing had happened to Mr Sen also.  

He said, “Do you know that all three of them had purchased Rudraksha beads from a mysterious looking person at the Vishnu temple in my presence.” 

The same Rudraksha that my wife and were not able to buy on that day of the temple visit. The mystery had further deepened. Coincidence or not ? How do you explain that. I will perhaps never know the answer.  


Authored By :  Dr.Swapan Haldar.  This is a true incident from his own life. Dr.Haldar is a professor at Presidency University and Calcutta University and author of many books on Mining and Geology. But he is also a passionate story teller and believes in sharing his life experiences. He has his own share of unique experiences.