Story -1 
He took an overnight train to go back to his family after being out for a week for work. Sometime around midnight, his chest tightened, he felt unbearable pressure as if an elephant has stepped on his chest. He was breathless and could barely manage to alert the co-passenger on the berth in front of him. The co-passenger slipped a white pill under his tongue and offered him a glass of water. Rest of it remains blurry.
He woke up feeling a lot better the next morning but the co-passenger was nowhere to be seen. He asked around but no one could tell. It was as if a stranger had disappeared taking with him a little secret from that night. He got down at his station and went home. Later that day, on insistence from his family he saw a doctor. He was told he had suffered a minor heart attack in the past 24 hours. That pill had averted a “massive” one. That co-passenger was either a doctor or a cardiac patient. He will never know.

But from that moment to now, he lives on with a deep sense of gratitude for the stranger, the co-passenger who saved his life. As unbelievable as it sounds, such miracles do happen in real life.

Safe Travels if you are traveling this weekend!
Story -2 
She was taking the train back to her college. The train always arrived around midnight. The platform seemed deserted except for a lone family and a small tea stall that had stayed open. The lady of that family sensed the girl’s unease and motioned for her to come sit with them. She went and sat next to the family, almost pretending their presence did not matter. She plugged her ear phone back and continued listening to whatever was playing on her little device. The train soon arrived and they boarded the same coach. She put her little backpack on her seat, rested her head on it and fell asleep. The next morning, she sat by the window listening to her music. The lady came up to her and offered a slice of coffee cake. She took it, smiled and ate hungrily, not taking off the ear plugs or making an eye contact though.
Monday, the first day back in the college, as the teacher for the first class entered the class room, she felt a knot in her stomach. The teacher was the lady from the train ride. The one she had ignored. The one she had not even thanked for the scrumptious slice of cake. That lady was her chemistry teacher for that semester.
Never forget to acknowledge and thank a co-passenger for his / her kindness. You never know in what circumstances life may bring you together again.
Written by : Piya Mukherjee Kalra