Cup: Hey Cookie, want to go out for a dance?
Cookie: What’s on your mind, Mr. Cup?
Cup: C’mon, I was just bored enough to ask you. I don’t think we are perfect for each other.
Cookie: Yeah, perfect with each other sounds more like, Cup and Tea, or Cup and Coffee, or Coffee and Cookies, or even Cookies and Chocolate.
Cup: Oh! You are not with chocolate always. You are sweet coconut sometimes and a bitter chocolate some of the other times.
Cookie: You come in different colors and shapes.
Cup: You too come in so many shapes.
Cookie: Your shapes are an art; mine just a way to attract.
Cup: But isn’t attracting someone enough to look, touch, and taste an art too?
Cookie: Maybe… maybe not…
Cup: I can smell you each time life’s hand picks you, dips you in that brown liquid of my heart, and fulfills someone’s love for you. And you smell wonderful.
Cookie: I can feel your color merging with my chocolate each time I enter your heart. And you fill my heart with a longing with red color, a hope with green, and happiness with yellow.
Cup: I know you leave a little of yourself in the brown liquid for me to taste.
Cookie: I know you love the taste of bitter chocolate the most.
Cup: I love all the tastes you bring.
Cookie: And I love all the colors with which you paint my heart.
Cup: Watch out for that chipped corner. It might nip your heart.
Cookie: I have been nipped so many times already and I still go that way.
Cup (laughs): Oh man! You must be really sad.
Cookie: Why do you say that?
Cup: Who else would still go the same way after being nipped once?
Cookie (laughs): Oh man! You must be really sad.
Cup: Why do you say that?
Cookie: Don’t you know? The chipped corner shows the beautiful white you are hiding inside. It nips, it pains. But it brings out my beautiful white to merge with yours.
Cup: You just made my chipped corner beautiful.
Cookie: Like you always add color to my taste and smell.
Cup: But without a brown liquid we never come together.
Cookie (sad): That’s the only life we hold together.
Cup: No, the life that holds you, the same life keeps my heart alive.
P:S: I have a crazy fascination for cups and cookies. Every time I go for my tea or coffee, I love my cup and my cookies a little more. Sometimes I go window-shopping only for cups. And two days ago, I went out to buy cookies in stormy rain to stock my kitchen. I thought I was addicted to the two but I eavesdropped on this conversation to find that it wasn’t just me!

Written by : Shweta Rawal. A Management Consultant by profession, she lives at a lot of places but her true home are books, her blog, and wherever there is coffee, oranges and ice cream (not necessarily in the same cup). She dreams of owning wood, brick and mortar structures next to a river or sea, where she could drown forever in words with another living being , but is still not sure if that living being is a man, a dog, a cat, or a tree.

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Picture By : Soumi Haldar