For our Travel Friday this week, Shish Kabob, one of our young author takes us on a trip to Boston Tea Party and Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and there is re-enactment too. 

340 chests of British East India Company Tea onboard three ships were smashed open with axes and dumped into Boston Harbor on the night of December 16,1773.The damage caused could have brewed an estimated 18,523,000 cups of tea and was worth $1.7 million US dollars (in today’s money). The Boston Team party organized by the Sons Liberty led by Samuel Adams is an iconic event of the American revolution. 

Stories about tea always fascinates us. 

On 16 December, 1773, a group of patriots called  the sons of liberty, in protest against the cruel, unfair taxation on all imported tea, disguised themselves as native Americans and snuck on a British ship full of tea and threw all of it overboard. Here are a few quick facts about the Boston Tea Party –

Today you can take part in the reenactment at the Boston Tea Party Museum. This is from my recent visit to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Mueseum in Boston, Massachussets. 

I sat in the meetinghouse, listening to my good friend Samuel Adams complain about the tyrannical King George putting taxes on all of our tea. It was 1773, and I, Joseph Shed, was getting very frustrated at the mention of the King. He was making us pay a tax on all imported tea to pay the debts of the seven years’ war. As soon as Sam Adams uttered the name King George, I, along with everyone else in the meetinghouse put their hand on their nose and bellowed, “FIE!”

We disguised ourselves as Indians as we prepared for our big plan that night. Then, we quietly snuck onto the British ship carrying the tea, knowing that we could be imprisoned just for standing there on that boat. All of us started to fling the chests of tea into the ocean. We did not spare a single vulnerable, defenseless, poor tea leaf. I stared at the tea that was sinking to the bottom of the sea, then ran off the ship, thinking about how shocked the redcoats were going to be when they stepped on the ship tomorrow!

So if you are in Boston, a must do in Boston is the Tea Party Museum. 

Story and Pictures by: Shish Kabob – an intrepid adventurer, a cartoonist and an aspiring young author.