I’ve been wanting to write about different Dads I’ve met in the last couple of years.

Since I became a dad to a wonderful child, I’ve been noticing other new dads more closely.

As a wedding photographer I keep meeting a lot of dads from the previous generation too.

So that’s close to 50+ dads in total.

What I’ve noticed is that 3 in 5 dads from the previous generation, that is dads of adults around my age, acted like their task was done the day they had a child and after that it was all up to the mother to take care of the child. Even during the wedding they seemed slightly detached from their son/daughter. I thought probably now that their children are grown up they feel that way. But then on the other hand, 2 in 5 fathers were crazy about their children who were getting married, they would get visibly emotional at every stage of the wedding ceremony. Not specific to daughters but to sons as well. I noticed that they had a great bond, a best-friend kind of bond. It was so inspiring. I want to have a relationship like that with my son.

With our generation of fathers, what I’ve noticed is that 4 in 5 dads are crazy about their children. I feel bad for that 1 dad. He has no idea what he is missing. I overheard one dad saying that until the kid is a particular age, he doesn’t know what to play with the kid. This is not a one of case, but I’ve met many dads who behave like this.

The good news is that 4 in 5 dads are just awesome dads and are going to be awesome dads for sure.

I was thinking, what motivates me to be with my son all the time. Well.

I’m crazy about my son.
I want to give him as much exposure as possible.
I want to distribute the responsibility of bringing up the child equally with my wife.
Yup. Those are the main reasons, there might be others, yet to figure them out.

I’m just wondering if there is a way to spread the awareness of how important a dad is in a child’s life.

I want to thank CloudNine hospitals for stressing on a dad’s role in a child’s life. I’m sure at least some of them took it seriously.

Hope this blog helps somebody.

Cheers and High Five to all the dads out there! 🙂

This story has been contributed by Phalgun Polepalli. Phalgun is the Founder and Creative Director for CuspConcepts. His stories are through his lens. His pictures make everyone go weak in their knees and want to take a plunge, make a walk down the aisle. He is also a doting father and has been actively blogging (quite secretly) about his views on parenting.