Our storyteller for today, Siddharth,  wrote “SuperDaddy” for this blog recently and it was loved by one and all.  Just like the first time, he keeps things simple. The good guy must always win over the bad guy. That is the universal law. 

If you are good, you will always find a way to do that. 

Once upon a time, there was a poor villager. He worked for a very mean landlord. Everyday the landlord commanded the poor villager to do stuff for him. 

One day, the villager said to himself, “I’ve had enough of this.” So he set on a journey to find mysterious magic in the forest of Magic. Before he left, he gathered all the stuff he needed. Then he went inside the forest. It was a long journey. It took many many weeks and he met many, many animals. He made many friends along the journey. 

One day, the villager came across a lake. He bent down to drink some water out of it. Then surprisingly, a magic wand bobbed up to the surface of the lake. The villager carefully took the wand out of the lake. He knew what the wand could do. In the right hands, the wand could do anything. 

So he went back to his village and got the mean landlord arrested. Then, he got awarded a thousand bucks. Now he wasn’t poor anymore and everyone lived happily ever after.