Our next young author Shreya, writes about a trip to the candy land based on our writing prompt – “If Candy Land was real”. A work of fiction, the young mind writes about an inclusive candy land.Life is a great teacher. Living with friends and siblings who cannot savor all kind of candies, prompts the author to be considerate to that aspect in the story. 

This is how she describes herself – I am a day dreamer. I love to dream. I also love to observe things and then I draw and color them. I love to doodle and scribble too. I write short notes on sticky pads, my favorite thing to do. I sometimes also write in a journal that my mom always wants to read. 

Here is her story……

One Sunday morning, I read in a magazine about a new Candy Land that was just a few hours away from my home. I told my mom and dad about it. They said we could visit the Candy Land in Spring Break. 

I was so excited that on my spring break my mom and dad would take me to the Candy Land. Spring Break was only one week away. But..

“Oh No! I have nut allergies. How will I eat the candies at Candy Land ?”  I said to my mom. 

She (my mom) gave me good news and bad news. The good news was there were Dum-Dums in the Candy Land. The bad news was that Dum-Dums were the only nut free candies. I was not happy. 

So I looked on my computer if there was another candy land. I found another one where two different candy lands were combined. The first one had Dum-Dums, Skittles and Tootsies. Yum! I could eat all of them. The second one had Snickers, M&M and Reese’s that I could not eat. But it also had Dums-Dums and Skittles. So I could go to both the Candy Lands. Yay! I shouted jumping up and down on my bed. 

On Monday morning, I was in school day dreaming about the Candy Land. I saw chocolate rivers, a house made out of graham crackers and toys made out of lollipops. 

“Excuse Me!” came a voice. I realized I was not in Candy Land, I was in school in Ms. Reese’s class. 

“Excuse Me! Please pay attention.” 

I said okay. Later at recess, I talked to my friend Celina about the Candy Land. 

“Cool! But how will you eat candies ?” she asked. 

“I just forgot to tell you I am going to a special one. It is a nut free one and then there is path combined with another candy land. The other candy land has all kind of candies and chocolate rivers and fountains.” 

“I am going camping. But I wish I could come with you.” 

Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! It was the recess bell. It was time to go back to classroom. When I went back home after school, I ate lunch and went to my room to do my homework. But all I could think about was the Candy Land. 

Ding Dong ! It was the door bell. I ran down the stairs to open the door. It was the mail man. He gave me an envolope. It said- “From Celina : To My Dear Friend.
I opened the envelope and it said : 

Dear Friend, 

My Mom and Dad said I could come with you. Isn’t that awesome ! 


Your Best Friend Celina 

I showed my mom the letter. She said it was ok if Celina wanted to come. I could not wait anymore for Thursday afternoon. 

On Thursday, my mom and dad picked Celina and me from the school. Then we went to the big combined candy land. For lunch we ate two chocolate sandwiches and hot chocolate. Yum! It was so tasty. 

Then we took a ride on a roller coaster made of Dum-Dums and the slime bucket made of jelly beans. We rode a paddle boat on the chocolate river and then rolled on Skittles on the super slide. When Celina went into a castle made of Snicker’s, I went to another one made out of Tootsie’s. 

We ate a lot of candies too. It was a super fun day.