Shish Kabob needs no introduction. His pen name and the mother’s day poem have made him quite popular among our readers. Last time he told us he was an intrepid adventurer, sports enthusiast, cartoonist and an aspiring young author. 

What he did not tell us was that he plays tennis and is Roger Federer’s greatest fan. He wears t-shirts and has all other accessories with the RF logo, he would not miss a game to watch in person if Federer was playing locally in a nearby city and when he watches on TV his living room has an All England Club (the venue for Wimbledon) sort of feeling to it. Hear his talks about the right attitude and how his favorite player taught him so.

“I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude.” What does this quote mean? Well, I think it means that when you face a decision, you have options, so you get to choose what happens next. But sometimes, your attitude decided it for you. That means, your choices happen differently depending on whether you are being positive and optimistic or negative and pessimistic.

We all have made bad choices in our life, mostly because of our attitude. My soccer team made a bad choice of attitude on Saturday. My team, Sherman Oaks United, was facing the undefeated team, FC United Real. FC United Real had the record for the least goals against them (0), and our team had the record for the most goals against us. It was like a lion facing an ant. 

Before I knew it, the game had started. The first few minutes we did not stop hustling, until they scored a goal. After that, our whole team seemed to stop working. Then more goals pounded on us. Our team became lousy just because of the goals. We made a bad choice of attitude we did not try. We were intimidated by the opponent. At the end of the match, the final score was 13-2 against us. We could have played better if we had tried to our full potential. Attitude is the little thing which would have made a big difference.

Roger Federer shows an example of making good choices with a good attitude. He started the Roger Federer Foundation which helps teach the underprivileged and uneducated children in Africa and Switzerland. Every year, he donates about $2,000,000 to the foundation. He could use the money for his own pleasure, but instead of doing that, he makes a good choice and uses it for a worthy cause.

So, in the end we learn that whatever happens in life depends on your attitude. If you are positive, something good will happen. But if you are negative, something not so good will happen. Attitude is a state of mind. Our life always depends on one thing: attitude.