In children’s writing, there is always a reflection of how they see themselves and the people around them. This story is for the writing prompt “Living Dinosaurs”, but the main character of the story is SuperDaddy. The name perhaps inspired by SuperHero and everything that a SuperHero can do. The character of SuperDaddy also can fix anything and make everything alright. 

Siddharth, the author of this story is a wise young man. He is imaginative, articulate, curious and loves to explore things. He also happens to be a voracious reader who reads all genres. He is the one who got our resident author hooked on to Captain UnderPants, Diary Of The Wimpy Kid and many other fun series. 

Once upon a time, there was a super hero. His name was SuperDaddy. 
One day it was raining and all the children were upset. They wanted to go out and play. So SuperDaddy went up to the clouds to stop the rain. 
It was hard because it was white everywhere! 
Finally, he reached the clouds. And guess what he saw?  A real, live dinosaur!!! 
The dinosaur was washing his car and he forgot to turn off the hose. So that’s why it was raining!!!! 
Superdaddy turned off the hose. And they took a ride in the dinosaur’s car. And then the kids were able to play. And then everyone lived happily ever after.