Story and Illustration by Aleesha. 

In Aleesha’s own words she is nice, kind, generous, smart, intelligent and many other things. We think she is definitely much more than that and she also happens to be a very honest young lady who speaks her mind. She has inherited some fabulous writing genes but is a powerhouse of talent herself. Hope you all enjoy this trip to the Candy Land.
If Candy Land is for real…..
Every day before Sour Patch school, I jump on the Gumdrops in Chocolate lane to get some fresh air to start my day off. Then I take the Rolo bus to school. In school I learn about multiplication which is 45 chocolate chips x 8 chocolate chips. After that, it is one of my favorite subjects, writing. We learn about our school’s favorite candy, Kit Kat and write about it. Then it is lunch time. Guess what the menu is:
Monday: Chocolate Pizza
Tuesday: Chocolate Fudge
Wednesday: M&M cupcakes
Thursday: Twizzler Tater Tots
Friday: Hershey Hot Dogs with a side of Snickers ice-cream
Once we are done with lunch and fill our tummies, it is reading time. We read the famous story, The Three Life Savers and the Big Bad Musketeer. You know how this story goes. The Three Life Savers come out winning and the Musketeer, well, he didn’t stand a chance. The Life Savers were  smarter and tougher than the bad Musketeer.
Soon it is time to go home after a fun filled day at Sour Patch school. I get home to mommy, hug her so tight that I will squeeze the sweet flavor out of her. In a good way. We have dinner of Skittles nuggets and marsh mellow dessert. We sit around the Fun Dip table, talk about our day and what’s happening around the world. We go outside for a bit, look up to see the Milky Way. Soon it is bedtime, I go to my Sweet Treat room.
I end the day with a book. I read book #1 of the Reese’s series, Reese’s Takes Over the World for as long as I can.
Then I turn off my Candy Cane bedside lamp and float into la la land.
In the morning when I wake up, I look around and I realize that I am no longer in Candy Land. Oh! how I wish I am in Candy Land again.