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Once upon a time in the kingdom of Atlantica, there lived a queen, Isabella who was the mermaid queen. She was the wife of King Triton, mermaid King. They had 7 daughters. The youngest daughter was named Ariel. Ariel had beautiful red hair, sparkling blue eyes, a shimmering green tail and a beautiful voice. She was the smartest and most adventurous of all the sisters. Ariel was very friendly. Other than merpeople, Ariel had other animal friends. Flounder was Ariel’s buddy. Sebastian, the crab, was her friend and her father’s advisor. Scuttle was a bird who helped her find treasures by leading her to the sunken ships and far away places.
She loved to collect things that used to be in human possession. Whenever possible, Ariel would search though the sunken ships for treasures. If she found one treasure, she would put it in her secret hide out. She would keep it there because her father, King Triton, didn’t allow merpeople to have any connections with humans or their belongings.
In another part of the ocean, lived a sea monster named Ursala, who was a terror. Everyone feared her as she harassed the merpeople. But Ursula didn’t look like this always. Some years ago, she used to be a beautiful mermaid with some magic powers. One day, an old mermaid came to her house and knocked on her door. Repulsed by her ugliness, Ursula sent her away. Suddenly, the old mermaid turned into a beautiful enchantress. In order to punish Ursula for her mean and shallow behavior, she turned Ursula into a hideous sea monster. Ever since then, Ursula remained a sea monster terrorizing everyone.
One day, Ariel saw some flickering lights above and went up to investigate. Scuttle flew over and said, “Hey, it is somebody’d birthday. They call him Prince Eric.” Ariel was gazing at the handsome prince and was mesmerized by him. Suddenly a storm raged and lightening struck the ship. Eric fell aboard. Ariel, using all her strength pulled Eric to the shore. She then sang a melody voicing her wanting to stay with him. When the prince started to wake up, Ariel jumped into the ocean. Eric caught a glimpse of her tail before she disappeared into the ocean. All Eric could remember was the beautiful voice and the shimmering green tail.
The next day Eric came back to the shore where he last saw Ariel. He was so determined to find her that he decided to go looking for her in the ocean. He put on his diving gear and plunged into the ocean waters. Unfortunately, Ursula saw Eric and thought that he was quite handsome and she will marry him herself. So she trapped him in a special magical bubble where he could breathe normally. He was stuck for more than a month. His kingdom worried about him being alive. Everyday Ursula would ask Eric, “Will you marry?” And everyday, his answer would be NO.
One day, when Ariel was on one of her explorations, she noticed Ursula’s lair. Now knowing what it was, she went over to investigate. When she peered through the window, she saw Eric trapped in the bubble and Ursula persuading him to marry her.  Ariel cried, “My love!” She now realized that this was the sea monster, Ursula’s hide out. Her father, King Triton warned her to keep away from this part of the ocean. But Ariel’s’ love for Eric was so great that she didn’t fear her own life and burst into the lair and pleaded Ursula to set Eric free. As soon as Eric saw Ariel, he too said, “My love!” Ariel cried in surprise,”You love me too”!

They looked like they belonged to each other. As Ursula watched them both she suddenly had a flashback. She remembered a time back when she was a mermaid and was in love with another human. She remembered the sadness she felt when she could not marry him. She couldn’t bear to see Ariel or Eric getting disappointed like she did. Ursula suddenly spoke up, “I will release Eric and can turn him into a merman”. Ariel and Eric was very excited hearing this and Eric was willing to give up his human form to turn into a merman so that he could marry and be with Ariel. When Ursula turned him into a merman, she was transformed into the mermaid she used to be. The enchantress appeared and said “I have been waiting for the day when you would do a selfless act to help someone else. The curse is now broken when you turned Eric into a merman without expecting anything in return. I hope you continue to do these selfless acts. You should also use your powers for good deeds”. With that, she disappeared.
Ariel then introduced Eric to King Triton and Queen Isabella. They liked Eric instantly and agreed for their wedding. Eric too sent a message to his parents through Scuttle informing them about his transformation and Ariel. They were sad to lose him but wanted him to be always happy. So they too agreed for their wedding. The next day in Atlantica, the kingdom’s grandest wedding was held. Ariel and Eric became a couple and lived happily every after.

Story Credit : Avani. Avani is a voracious reader, she actually does not read books. She eats them up. So it isn’t a surprise that she is a fabulous writer too. Her writing has been published on our blog and her young author story meets before.