In response to our writing prompt  – “If Dinosaurs were still alive”, the young author, Advaith writes this story. Children’s imagination has no boundaries, is fearless and it could conquer just about anything. 

While adults may struggle to even pronounce correctly the names of the different species of dinosaurs , the kids have a fool proof combat plan. Impressive! 
Picture Of The Book “Tyrannosaurus”

Today was a normal day. I woke up at the normal time. I had breakfast at the normal time. But on the way to school everything changed.
I was walking school. I felt proud as the mayor had given me the responsibility for maintaining the safety in my block. I was thinking about it when I saw people screaming and rushing out from a lane. I immediately jumped into action. I ran there and saw a building come crashing down. 

And there stood a Tyrannosaurus Rex!   

I stood rooted to the ground. Behind it came an Allosaurus and several other carnivores. I stood dumbstruck. Dinosaurs became extinct 60,000,000 years ago! Or so I thought. Here were some of the most ferocious dinosaurs in all of dinosaur history!
I put on my X-Ray goggles (which I always carry with me) and saw they were robots! On one of the parts were the initials F.M. I rushed to my lab and found out that F.M. stood for “Falbert Madstein”, a mad scientist. I started thinking of ways to stop Mr. Falbert and Co.

I contacted my scientist friends. They too had heard of the dinosaurs and the damage they were causing. They said that policemen were shooting the dinosaurs but the bullets were simply bouncing off.  We decided to meet or it could cause global destruction.

We met in my lab. Each of my friends had invented a machine. I too had. I had invented something called MicroBot, which was a tiny flexible robot. When several MicroBots were connected to a computer through a software program they could be transformed into any shape. You just needed to type it into the computer.

Nikhil had made strong wheels made of a metal called planorium (the strongest metal in the world) that were mechanized to make them roll very fast.

Yajat made invisible weapons.

Together, we were unbeatable!  I made a wall of MicroBots in front of the T-Rex. Confused, he stopped while Yajat quietly cut its skin and put an invisible bomb in it, blowing it up. Meanwhile Nikhil had put on his mechanized wheels and was zooming round at the wheel’s highest speed cutting up and destroying the dinosaurs.

We saved the day!