A poem by Shish Kabob.  I wrote this for my mom for Mother’s Day. Sorry this does not follow your writing prompts but I thought all the moms and the other young authors are going to like it. By the way, Shish Kabob is my pen name. I am an intrepid adventurer, sports enthusiast, cartoonist and an aspiring young author. 

Flowers And A Poem For Mom 
When I’m left alone on despair,
And there’s no one there to see,
But then I see my mom,
And she’s standing right next to me,
Every time I have a problem,
She’s always there for me,
She will never let me down,
That I can guarantee.

When I need help with homework,
She is always there to help,
She explains with perfect logic,
Then all my problems melt.

Always when I’m hurt,
She will show will show sympathy,
In this mutual relationship,
We are always trustworthy.

My mom is full of kindness,
And responsibilities
She tames me when I’m wild,
And makes my troubles cease.

She is smart and dislikes war,
She’ll always prefer world peace,
Like her, so do I,

We were meant to be.