A daughter reflects on her mother’s life, her love for her family and kids, her dreams, her decisions, her career and the tough task of balancing it all. In becoming a mother, we realize all the sacrifices, hardships and selflessness motherhood demands. Anindita Sengupta shares her mother’s story, up close and personal. 

As a young girl, I always pictured my mother as a panacea to the riddle called life, my sole life support system but often wondered why some mothers were not full time mothers while the others were; why some of us longed to see their mothers at the end of the day when the rest could hug theirs right after the school got over!
Now being a mother myself, I can read a mother’s life differently knowing that she is not just a wholesome lifelong caregiver, instead an individual with dreams and desires, failures and success and above all someone whose “ME” is just as vibrant as any other soul boxed deep beneath the layers of various other demanding roles. Talking of mothers, what better tribute can we pay to these eternal selfless beings without the tell-tale of our own?
Being married off at the age of 21, my mother hadn’t had a chance to start off an early career in spite of a commendable academic track record (the then gold medalist in her discipline/major)

”Tomar konodin bidesh giye higher studies korar icche hoeni maa?” (Didn’t you ever aspire to go abroad for higher education maa?).
I would ask her when I was in my 20’s to which she would reply with a hearty laugh “Na re, shei shomoy amar biye korar khub icche hoechilo” (No dear, I was eager to marry your father those days).
So was that all for her: education and the marriage? Not really, for she is resilient and a fighter, who could always begin from where she had left. She got her Masters and later had a fulfilling career in academics as well. But her career had to end way before it should have (mostly due to personal reasons), a sad incident as I come to think of it now; and I realize that sometimes there comes a crossroad in life where we have to choose between the two equally precious halves of your individuality!
Today my mother is over 60 years old and in my mental frame I believe she has given life a lot more than actually taken from it.
Even as I tell you her story, I know there are so many mothers out there with similar lives, women who did what they had to and somehow were contented doing it. On the flip side, kudos to all those who could and still are struggling to strike a balance between all the small compartments of their lives; those who have successful careers and are great home makers at the same time, those who make their offices a proud place and their homes a cozy one. They are in themselves a success story and a lot of them are happy with their lives. In short, they have it all!!

So it is time we celebrated motherhood every single day, for it’s a gift from God and a big shout of applause to all mothers out there. We are special!