In the one year of our existence, we have heard several stories about conversations that our storytellers have had with their friends or acquaintances regarding their passion for writing. These (interesting) conversations have mostly happened after the storyteller has written a post /story, shared it on our blog and then subsequently posted the link for the blog on their own Facebook page. 

Conversation #1 
A friend or acquaintance :You write blogs now ? I never knew you were into writing. 
Storyteller :  Thank you. Hope you liked what I wrote. 
A friend or acquaintance : You should write a book someday. 
Storyteller : Thanks but not thanks (Sigh! ) 

Conversation #2 
A friend or acquaintance : Why do you write ? Every one has a blog these days, like what is the point ? 
Storyteller :  Err….. I don’t have a reason. I just like to. Why does anyone like to read or draw or paint or even cook or knit ? 

Conversation #3
A friend or acquaintance : How many people read you ? Are you popular ? 
Storyteller : “Facepalm” followed by silence 

Conversation #4
A friend or acquaintance : You have such a busy life – work, home and everything. When do you find time to write ? 
Storyteller :  All the time. I am always writing in my mind. 
A friend or acquaintance : Hmmmm. That sounds crazy. 

Most storytellers write because they simply love writing and it gives them a joy like nothing else does. So we asked one of out storytellers, Jolly Datta to write – why she writes, what she loves writing and how does she nurture her writing skills. Hear the storyteller in her own words ….

Why do I write? I never wondered why.

Thoughts swirl in my mind as I inhale, words pour out through my pen as I exhale.

I write for the love of life, I write for my free spirit, I write for my romantic heart. I learn from experiences, I live through hope and believe in destiny. Small things make happy, simplicity is my philosophy, humanity is my religion. To put myself in a nutshell- I write!

Coming from a literary background, it was natural for me to write. Never made an effort. Scribbling at the corners of textbooks, word arts at the margins of notebooks, passing love chits during class, writing poems on palms – all were different forms of nurturing the art of writing. I wrote about love, I wrote about life, I wrote about my experiences. The more I wrote, more mature I got. And I never realized how I nurtured my art of writing through the years of growing up. Today, as I write, it rekindles my romantic heart, arouses my desires and makes me fall in love time and again.

An engineer by profession and a mother of two, when do I get to write? Within the limited 24 hours a day, I have learned to write “on the go”. The swirling thoughts keep getting crammed in my mind waiting for an outlet, waiting for me to take a break from my routine and pour them out in 5 minute installments. Thanks to technology, Google drive has been a great safe keeper for all my write ups and I can access them from my computer, from my phone, from anywhere and anytime! Discovering my passion for writing, I realized that I don’t have to try too hard to find time. It’s the zeal to follow my passion which has been the true nurturer of my art of writing!

Written By : Jolly Datta,an engineer by profession, a poetess and a die hard romantic at heart and a mother of two beautiful children. 

Picture By : Soumi Haldar, our resident editor and photographer.