Bullying. We hear so much about it these days. But they all talk about children being bullied. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the bullying adults face?

Adults are bullied in several ways. The boss who calls for a meeting at 6 pm, the auto driver who charges you thrice the metered fare because he knows you are desperate to reach someplace, the household help who threatens to quit if you don’t give in to her smallest demand, the shop owners who park their vehicles on the pavement so you have no place to walk, the schools that charge you a bomb in fees and still do not provide basic safety to the child, the government that knows they can govern like dictators once they come to power… The list is endless. Even the children know how to bully their parents!

We in India, have a great mantra for such situations. We call it the “Chalta Hai”/ “Adjust Madhi” (“Meh…”, loosely translated into English), way of life. Let things be the way they are, and they will eventually either solve themselves, or we’ll get used to them being like that. And who wants to raise their voice and be black listed as the trouble maker??

It is only a handful of people who have the courage to speak up or take action. But in this country of over 1.27 Billion people, those voices are easily drowned. Even if they do manage to make themselves heard, it’s after going through a lot of red tape and harassment at the hands of the officials (and perpetrators) concerned. Even after all that, who knows when, if at all, the problem will be solved.

So how do we give a convincing example to our children of why they should never resort to bullying, when they see so many incidences around them where bullying pays? Do we become the change we seek in others and fight these people, or continue to be bullied and curse the system? Is fighting back an advisable example to set for the children? Or is it best to continue teaching them the archaic myth of the meek inheriting the world some day?

Hang on, just got an Email. What, another teacher from my son’s class has quit?? That’s the THIRD this year!! Meh… 

Story By : Shilpa Bhargav. She was featured on our “Living Your Dream” series. 

Picture By : Soumi Haldar