Early morning view of Jodhpur

Yes, that’s Jodhpur. It’s urbanscape is predominantly blue and the city looks really pretty early in the morning on a cold winter day. The Mehrangarh fort is surrounded by blue painted houses that composes this majestic view. 

Why always do a touristy thing ? Come with me on a tour of the beautiful city of Jodhpur. We will do things a bit differently. If you are on the spur traveller, if you love backpacking and if you indulge in street food, you are going to enjoy this ride. 

Camping In The Car. 
Don’t believe your eyes ? That’s correct. There is a mattress in there. I took shelter in the car for the night. It was very similar to a camping experience and it was fun too.I parked near the fort and it was a short drive the next the morning to the fort.  

On the way to fort early in the morning, the hues of blues were perfect to stop, admire and breathe in some fresh air. Soon the city will get busy and the magic will vanish. Surprisingly the fort is very well maintained, with cafes, souvenir shops and museums inside. But all that can wait for a while. It’s still not 9AM and the doors are yet to open. Good time to have some mouthwatering breakfast.

Dal Pakwan
Tiny transparent glasses for chai 
Street Food (Breakfast) 
Up close and personal. I am a food lover, you can tell. 
The delectable Dal Pakwan comprises of  – Pakwan, which is a hybrid between a roti and papad and is served with dal(lentils) with mirchi(paprika) It’s the local street side breakfast for most. I could not resist and therefore had a few bites of Jalebi followed by Kadak Chai to wash the oil spill down my throat.

Back in the car,  I then drive towards the fort. The first look is really impressive against the morning sky, a deep blue vignette making sure the large sandstone fort stands apart high on the hill top. Words are not my thing. Pictures are. So here is a glimpse of the few shots captured. 

The Mehrangarh Fort In The BackDrop 
In The Alleys 
The Colors 

The Black And White 
Inside The Fort 

Pictures and Story By: Sudip Bhattacharya

Sudip is a cha and food lover, traveller, backpacker, storyteller, an avid blogger who tells his story in a few words and many brilliant pictures and a very dear friend. This among many other passions he has.The world through his lenses always appears more insightful and all that he captures actually comes to life. Find more of his photo blogs here.