Adults are the ones who are found discussing bullying and issues related to bullying most often. So we asked some children we know, including the ones at our home, on their thoughts about bullying. Here are some visuals that will do the talking. 

The first one was found at a middle school, created by middle schoolers. We clicked them while they were wheeling this structure to a conspicuous location within the school. Each wall of the structure describes the different emotions of people involved in a bullying incident – The bully, the victim and the bystander. 

The wall for the bystander caught our attention. Bystander – Powerless, Upset,Scared, Sad, Very Angry, Wish I had Spoken Up, Would want to say stop.  

The next visual is a 8 year old’s representation of the bullying statistics. Girls are bullied more often than boys, that is what her graph has to say. She drew this after an incident at her school. She also said something and we got to pay attention to the last sentence there. 
“I want to stop bullying!
If you were getting bullied and I was there, this would be my perspective.
I would go up to the bully and tell him or her stop!
If they didn’t stop, I would then tell the teacher.
And I would do it even if I didn’t know the bully.
Bullying is not good.
If a boy is bullying a girl, he needs to be told that girls need to be treated with respect and equally.”

Children’s journals are usually a good place to get a view into what is happening in their lives. If your child writes a journal, there is nothing wrong if you sometimes sneak in to read it. It may tell you something you don’t already know. The next visual is a picture from a 7 year old’s journal. 
“Be yourself, don’t listen to others. Only listen if they say something good (to you). Look at the difference in both the girls.This first girl with the curly hair was being mean to the girl with straight hair.So the girl with the straight hair said, “I don’t like it when you do that.” But the girl with the straight hair said that politely. 
The last bit is where you need to pay attention. Bullying is not something you need to reciprocate and that needs to be taught too.