Three years back on this day, my then four-year old daughter wrote a very sweet and candid letter to Dr.Seuss on his birthday. She had just learnt and began to read then. Now this almost seven year old is a voracious reader. She will read everything that is available to read. She had a little trouble understanding his writing at first (she explains in the letter why). But till date, even after having read so many authors, books by Dr.Seuss hold a very special place in her heart.
Dear Dr.Seuss,
Wish you a very Happy Birthday!
I am a little girl. I can only read. I do not know how to write. So I told my mom what I wanted to write to you on your birthday. Here is what I told her. 
A Cat In The Hatis one of the very first books that my mom read to me when I was a baby. I am a big girl now and can read the book on my own. I even read the book on the iPAD once while my mom and dad were looking for a new phone at the Apple store. You know it wasn’t my own iPAD. It belonged to the store but they still let me read from it. If you go to an Apple store, they will let you read your books as well.
When I was in the preschool they used to read a lot of Dr.Seuss books to us.  I liked listening to them but I did not understand them much. I just enjoyed seeing the pictures  – pictures of your hat, the whiskers of the cat who wore a hat and the apples on top of a tiger.
Last year when we were visiting LA, my Mom’s friend took me to a store that had Dora, Boots, Diego, Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, Lorax and you. She said she would gift me whatever I wanted. I surprised her (she thought I will pick a Dora) when I picked you and found you a place on the windowsill of my bedroom.
A few months later, a friend of mine (he is actually in 2nd grade) gave me his copy of Six by Seuss. He told me that it was a big book but I could finish it, as I was very good at reading. I read the book a little bit. Although I could read it, I still did not understand much. 
There were many rhyming words. My mom says you wrote rhyming couplets. I don’t even know what that means.
There were so many gibberish words. My mom tells me not to speak gibberish. But she is fine with the gibberish in your book. I don’t understand why. 
Then one day my Dad showed me the movie The Lorax. I loved the movie. So I went back and read the Lorax story all by myself. It took me a few days to finish the story but now I understand it too.
As I was reading through it I found that there were few words in the story that even my mom and dad could not pronounce well. They did not even know the meaning for some of them. That was so much fun because they always tell me they can help me with all kind of words. But I now know they cannot help me with some Dr.Seuss words. Yipppee!

And that’s my friend(who gave me the book), dressed as Lorax himself for Halloween.
See I told you everyone loves your books. 
I am now getting very fond of your stories. The next story that I am trying to read is “And to think that I saw it on the mulberry street”. This story was published in 1937. That is from many years back.
So you must be really a very old man and you are getting one more year older today. Happy Birthday! And if you wish to speak to me on your birthday, you will need to toss in 15 cents in to the pail. And then..
“I will call you by Whisper ma-phone, for the secrets I tell are for your ear alone.”
From –
A Bar-ba-loot in the Seussville